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September 20 2015

11 things you may not know about Joss Whedon's Firefly. Short list from Digital Spy. You probably know most of them, but there are a couple that are a tad more obscure.

I had no idea Nicholas Brendon was slated for Mal, or the Shakespearean episode that was planned with Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof and James Marsters. Imagine the fangasm.

#12*: "Why are there horses?"

*= added by request of former FOX execs
13 years ago today? Doesn't time fly.
I had no idea how much I needed #9 in my life until just now, and I'm so sad it'll never happen.

As to #11 - Ron Glass was kinda villain-y in Agents of Shield? Murky at the very least.
Honestly D-e-f-, I agree your #12.

Feel free to shake your fist at me.
Nicholas Brendon as Mal? I have so many mixed emotions.
A SHAKESPEARE episode .... OMG .... they've just made it even worse!

I also didn't know about NPH auditioning. That would have been really interesting.

I did know about a lot of these, but clearly not all. Thanks for posting. I think. Sob.
I'm with libradude. I just can't imagine Nicholas Brendon as Mal. Obviously that's partly because I know how Nathan played it, and I'm imagining one actor trying to do what another did. He would have brought something different to the role. Still, it's jarring.
"If only" the saddest phrase…ever.
I remember Joss bringing up the Shakespeare episode during Much Ado promotion- and it just made the sting of the Firefly cancellation come back all over again.
Has he spoken about why he would have submitted Inara to a long and horrible illness? I had heard about that, but not about the why. Why? I guess it could have upped the stakes between her and Mal.

I'm also not happy about what happened between Pria and Anthony. Why add that sadness to the end of the world? Did Joss talk about that one? There was nothing in the commentary that Maurissa & Jed did, just that "it went south."
There are some teaser trailers and next times for the series located here actually. I know I myself can't get it to play in browser, but they are there. I downloaded the "For Captain Reynolds, no job is too dangerous..." teaser, and... yeah.
At this point I'm perversely grateful that it still stings. True grief should never really end!
After reading about the Nicholas Brendon thing a second time in a couple of weeks, I wonder where this is coming from. I mean, the reason "scheduling conflicts" is weird, because from the get go, it must have been clear, that he is busy shooting "Buffy". Thus, this rumor seems very unrealistic.
From what I recall, Nick Brendon said that orginally Xander would have been be killed off in Season 7. But nothing is set in stone in television.
Nick's Buffy schedule might not have been the problem. I just checked his IMDB page- he was also filming a horror/thriller film called "Demon Island" (2002) around the same time period.
I knew all of them except 9.

Also, that Firefly ad is so clueless. I knew they did a terrible marketing job, but didn't think it was that bad.

Edit: For typo and clarity.

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I think Inara being sick makes sense. Something had to cause her to join up with the crew of the Firefly. That was always presented as an unusual thing for a companion to do.

It would also give her a deeper relationship with Simon. She obviously wanted to keep it secret, since she didn't mention it in season 1. I imagine that in season 2 she would have told him, then spent more and more time with him as he tried to figure out a cure. Imagine how the two of them spending time together and keeping a secret would have affected Mal and Kaylee. Jealousy all around!
roadi - Exactly... I think the only source stating that Nick Brendon was supposed to play Mal was an Australian panel on a convention or something similar. Haven't seen any footage. Maybe Nick was just joking, or maybe Joss mentioned something about Firefly during the casting process...

Either way, I don't actually believe Nick was ever seriously considered for the role. On the contrary, I definitely remember reading several articles with Joss stating he originally wanted someone older than Nathan to play Mal but Nathan ultimately convinced him with his performance during the casting.
The only thing I can find is Nick saying it himself at a panel in 2013, but this was a real cursory look, so I don't know if there's something coming out of Joss' mouth for it.

Though, I've personally never seen Joss wanting someone older for casting? (Probably just old articles I missed. It has been thirteen years. Lots of articles in the interim.)

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Timeline is all wrong in his story. Nathon Fillion came to Buffy after Firefly.
A Shakespeare episode?! I didn't think I could have more reasons to be upset.

Damn you, Fox indeed.
Jason_M_Bryant, you're right, Inara being on Serenity was always supposed to be odd. I just thought she was tired of the inner planets, and wanted some adventure, or something like that. Or a romance gone wrong? And you'd've thought she might have told her dear friend Nandi that she was sick?

I always felt cheated that the romantic scene between Inara and Mal didn't make it into the movie. Oh, wellllll...........
There were quite a few telling scenes between Simon and Inara. I'd always assumed that they were slowly setting up a relationship between the two of them to play out further down the line, but it would be far more intriguing if Simon had known all along that she was dying and that was the basis of their interaction.
Jewel Staite also played a villain in Wonderfalls, where Tim Minear was showrunner. So that only leaves Morena Bacarin having never played a villain in a (extended) Whedonverse show.

There was also "V", which had Morena and Alan Tudyk as villains. They were good; they show itself much more uneven.

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