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September 22 2015

Marti Noxon reveals that she was approached to do a Buffy movie several years ago. And if you're a fan of "Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce", Marti chats about that show as well in this TVWise interview.

Great find. I'm guessing part of the reboot attempt a few years ago with Warners.

I actually like the idea of Marti doing something with the universe.
It would be interesting to find out where this all took place in the Buffy reboot development timeline.
So happy Marti can laugh at the nastiness that took place. I adore her and am so pleased to see her running the world. :)
Huh. I was very against the idea of a reboot without Joss (and still am) but having her connected would have helped, had it happened. But it doesn't sound like a fun position they tried to put her in, offering that choice.

I'm glad she's doing well. Knowing the reputation Marti Noxon got in some online circles makes me glad I wasn't aware of fandom opinion while I was watching Buffy.
It sounds like there is an interesting movie to be made,
about why the Buffy movie was never made.
(Ten years from now, I'll be musing about why the movie
about the Buffy movie never got made. I can pick at this meta-forever.)
I'm in favor of a new Buffy movie and even a show reboot. All important art works in media had new ways to tell those stories. IMHO, Joss shouldn't also be involved, since he can do his amazing new material.
In the end, what would matter is if the new versions would be good or not. If they had quality excellent, if not, we can disregard and don't bother to it, just stay with the original works.
Good sense of humor she has. But I hope she doesn't actually believe she ruined Buffy, that would be a shame.
I would also be ready for a re-boot. I'm not as emotionally involved anymore so I could be objective and dispassionate.
I will always be sorry there wasn't a spin-off or Spike movie all those years ago, but that ship has sailed and I'd be interested to re-visit the verse.

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I hope she's joking. I know I'm in the minority here, but Season 6 is my favorite season!
It wasn't mentioned much in the article, but I really liked the first season of Unreal. When I watched the first episode I saw her name and thought, "I know her!" It's a really good show. Evil, but good.
Hopefully enough time has passed, and the vampire fad has faded away enough (it's zombies and dinosaurs now) that we'll never hear anything of this misbegotten reboot idea ever again.
Ricardo L. not joking at all. I was active on UPN's Threaded Bronze second half of S6 and we had quite a few things to say.

She's right, any playing in that 'verse without Joss while he's still alive is just Never Say Never Again All Over.
Well, I just hope she knows that not everyone feels that way and it's not even a fair opinion to have - that she ruined the show - even if you didn't like the season. Joss has stated several times that he chose the path the show would go, despite not being the day to day showrunner.

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