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September 23 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #19. "Freaky Giles Day" looks good. And take time to appreciate the Steve Morris cover and the Hulk homage that Rebekah Isaacs did for the variant cover.

oh, those last 4 panels.
Yes. That was a very good issue indeed.
I have my copy of Buffy # 19,"Freaky Giles Day."

I had to get to my comic shop today by hook or crook since it will be closed the rest of the week until Monday due to Baltimore Comic Con.The owner of my comic shop created and runs the convention so if I didn't get there today,I would have to wait until next week.

I really loved this issue.Yes,it can be considered filler before and after the next big arcs but it had a lot of character stuff I think.Plus I loved seeing grown Giles again for just a day.This issue really worked as a nice bookend to the idea that Buffy no longer needs a mentor to teach her.But I think this issue also shows that while show no longer needs a a parent,she'll always loves Giles.

The sequence on the roof was so perfect and really to me represents the metaphor of a child no longer needing a parent in the same way once they've grown up and become a adult but still needing them in their life,their love.Buffy may no longer need Giles as a father,and he really was her father(this was the whole point of bringing Hank back) but still needing him in her life anyway even if it's in a different way.Which it will be with giles returning to being a child.

Much as parents get to live their own lives once their children grown up and move on out into the world.Giles gets the same but in a much bigger,scarier and Buffyverse way by getting to grow up again.And the second time is going to be just as scary,more even since Giles is carrying his life experiances fro mthe first time around in his young body.

I probably could go on longer but I really loved this issue and bringing Hank back now and in this way really worked to show just how bad a father he was vs. Giles.
I loved this one too. The last 4 pages especially felt like the show and were so gorgeous.
Another great one! Please tell me they've locked in the Gage-Brendon-Isaacs creative team for Season 11.
Do we have a confirmed season 11 yet...?
Loved the Hulk homage cover as well. My local comic shop happened to have a Hulk retrospective that reprinted the original, so I could appreciate the little touches too :)

But that last couple of panels...I think I have something in my eye...

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