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September 24 2015

Patton Oswalt's Night Cafe and the script that changed Joss Whedon forever. An interesting look at the impact of Alien Resurrection.

I had one of those epiphany moments of change when I first saw the Buffy movie on opening night in July of 1992. I had enjoyed movies for a very long time, but I had never thought overly much about the process of making a movie. I remember standing in the lobby of the theater after Buffy was over and wishing that I had noticed who had written the movie. The writer obviously had such a way with writing inventive and amazing dialog, but just didn't seem to understand . . . . . I was grasping for the word . . . . continuity.

Ho hum, thought no more about the movie, and I wouldn't know Joss's name until almost eight more years had passed, but the seed had been planted, and I started learning. I would finally have enough awareness of process to appreciate the gift he brought to the game the next time I chanced to see it.
Alien Resurrection is the only movie I have ever walked out of at the cinema.
Alien Resurrection isn't bad. It's just the climax with that whole gross half alien hybrid having it's way with Ripley that ruins the movie. And according to no less a source than James Cameron, that was a suggestion from Sigourney Weaver.

Fast forward that, and the movie's a lot more watchable than Alien 3, I'd say..
Jas: yea, not a fan of Alien 3 at all. I watched them all in a row (on purpose, consciously) for the first time two years ago and found A3 to be less enjoyable than A4 on the whole.
I'm not either. I just went and googled Charles Dance, because his presence was so jarring (who expects to see Charles Dance in space? ... not I). Here's a little tidbit for you from him:

What Went Wrong With Alien 3...

There was one very effective scene, so dark, when Ripley is sitting at a dining table with inmates. That almost made the whole film for me, but not quite.

I AM a fan though of Alien Resurrection. I found it compelling, despite Joss' disavowal of it now. Yes, that whole thing with the hybrid alien at the climax was gross, but then you've got Warrick from CSI (Gary Dourdan) and Ron Perlman swimming underwater (!) with the Aliens. It just had a great premise, including, as it always has in the franchise, the question of greedy, venal scientific/corporate ethics making human beings collateral damage.
On the Alien Franchise:
Once you kill Newt, I am done with you.
There is no going back, forward, left, right, up, down, past or future from that.
Stop making the waste of time and space sequels.

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