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September 24 2015

(SPOILER) Watch the opening scene from the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 premiere. The show returns next Tuesday.

That was great!
New Bus? I like it!
Wow! Can't wait! This is bigger than the Pope coming to town!
Quake on the Bus can't be much safer than the Hulk on the Helicarrier-- maybe they make strategic use of lullabies to prevent incidents brought on by bad dreams.
That was pretty good! I like they jump right into it!
Nice! I want more!
Party on Tuesday night!
So awesome, get in my belly now!
Great opening.
This was really well done. Could even work as a series pilot opener.
When Simmons gets back she is going to be pissed that they built a TARDIS without her. :)
Took me until Skye showed up to make sure that really wasn't Ward.
@JDL: glad I'm not the only one whose head went there :D

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