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September 25 2015

traceroute Someone's having a bit of fun with machine names.

If you have access to the traceroute command-line tool, you can do this yourself


Neat find! There's also
Thank God! Finally, after all this time. The Internet is actually useful for something.
Now, if there were only some way to dampen or make soggy this stamp, so that I could affix it to a postal letter and tell the world of this wonderful development of evil.
That's some serious misuse of routing, and I love it.

A shame the 30 hops limit cuts it short.

If you do it via the command line and increase the TTL you see they did indeed do the whole song.
For Windows users: Choose the "Run ..." option from the Start menu, type in "cmd" (without the quote marks), and press Enter to open a command line window.

Then you can launch the equivalent Windows utility by typing (again without the quote marks) "tracert -h 42" although depending on your mode of connection to the Internet, you may need to increase that "42" in order to see all the lyrics.

(edited to add) To close the command window, type "exit" at the command prompt.

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I just recently got a personalized license plate and customized frame to show my Dr Horrible love. Plus it's a double meaning since my car is a Mustang :)

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