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September 26 2015

Watch the deleted Thor cave scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Blu-ray and DVD of the movie are out in the US on October 2nd.

It is a tad more dangerous than we saw, which fits with the dialogue before.

But, where's the deleted scene in Thor's vision where Loki shows up?!
@Mirage: That scene isn't available anywhere. Probably a money thing where they'd have to pay Hiddleston for that appearance since he otherwise doesn't appear in the film.
I swear I saw a screenshot where he appeared for a second.
I think they may have released pics at some point or on-set photos but it's not part of any of the official home releases.

edit: or am I confusing that with the Cap cameo in Thor 2?

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Wouldn't they have to pay Tom Hiddleston either way for working on the film?
Sure, but I imagine having his scene appear or not appear on home releases might be a thing covered in his contract to get some extra $$$. Just wild speculation on my part though.
I would assume that he would have to be paid residuals for each copy sold if the deleted scene was included- whereas not including him in the deleted scenes means he would only have been paid the initial fee for his appearance.
(The previous screen cap showing his appearance, from memory, was from a shot that's actually in the film where he appears brielfy in the background.)

(One change that came about in the editing, that Joss talked about in the commentary, was originally the Thor investigation sequence was going to be cross cut with Tony's investigation as the internet hub. As a contrast between the mystical and scientific. And I think it is a shame he didn't end up linking the two sequences more explicitly in the final film, as it would've helped them both I feel.)
Terrible subplot. It didn't add anything to the movie except to take Thor out of the action. It didn't accomplish anything. It just felt like preparation for Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor is probably my favorite Avenger and he always gets the short end of the stick. I really like Chris Hemsworth's performance and the character but his movies are mediocre at best. I liked the Asgard storyline in the first one but the earth romance plot was awful. The second one was just bad. I wish they'd make a movie that makes the character justice! Joss really knew how to write for him in the first Avengers.
He hardly had anything to do in the first Avengers! He had a bit more to do in AoU, and to good effect.

I think this is a deleted scene for good reason. It's not a bad scene, but I'm sure Joss realized it didn't add anything significant to the story, so it could be sacrificed.
Thor had *plenty* to do in the first Avengers. He was the one who had most of the emotional scenes with Loki. Three times he asked Loki to forget his plans and come home. Three times Loki had a moment where he really looked tempted, but kept going anyway. I loved the interaction between Thor and Loki in the first Avengers.

Also, there were cool fights with the Hulk.
Best left deleted and wish Joss had re-thought how to present Thor's solo "bewitched" moment. I think the whole Thor-in-a-hot-spring was never really going to work

BTW - count me as someone who loves the first Thor movie - as much for the fish out of water Earth scenes as the Asgard stuff. But yeah, the second one was a missed opportunity

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