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September 27 2015

USA Today article on Gina Torres. Nice, short bio piece on our favorite warrior woman.

From her start on One Life to Live to her portrayal of ZoŽ Washburne, a fan favorite on the science-fiction TV series Firefly, Cuban-American actress Gina Torres has made a career out of playing tough women who don't seem to sweat under pressure.

"People seem to buy that about me, which I'm happy about."

She delivers that last statement with a deep laugh, knowing the woman who puts on the space-cowgirl costume and sleek lawyer suits could not be more different than her warrior roles.

I have a friend who works at ICM and got to meet Gina. She said, "It was like seeing Wonder Woman in person."

What a majestic, talented human being.
I think you could say this about all 9 characters: "a fan favorite on the science-fiction TV series Firefly". :)
I love them all.

I don't know why Gina doesn't get more prominent big parts. She got a big part in "Suits" of course, but usually I feel like her parts in other tv shows and movies are way too small for her gravitas.
Well, in my experience, Simon isn't overly popular. Ignore me.

I wonder if the Hispanic Living publication has more on Torres, or if this is the extent of the coverage of her in it? She does grace the cover of that issue.
My Life With Gina Torres, Part 1
Interior - Burbank Hilton - January 2003
Waiting on the Elevator
BING! Elevator Doors Open
Gina Torres is glowing within
Me: "You . . . are . . . amazing."
Gina: [worldly, Mona Lisa smile] "I know."
Elevator doors close.
Yes, I forgot to get on.
- fin-

(Part 2 coming as soon as I figure out a way to be a bigger doofus.)
I squeal with joy when she turns up when I'm not expecting her. She was excellent in her in her recurring role on Hannibal. Though I can't believe they never gave her a scene with Gillian Anderson. What a TV-melting combo that would have been!

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