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October 16 2002

What kind of Buffy fan are you? Take the Buffy fan purity test and gasp at how accurate it is ;)

Upwards of 70%. Bummer. I should have done better.
Mad Academic Buffy Fanatic here. It was depressingly accurate.
Manic Academic Buffy Fanatic here---gah! This one gave me a giggle: Drops it behind the sofa (possible answer to how Angel would lose his soul)
The quiz is wrong, Angel is Spike's sire. He said so in season 2.

I guess that give me extra points or something, since I found an error in the test.
Actually, the quiz is right, and we've seen the scene in flashbacks wherein Dru vamps William. The bloodline is Darla to Angel/Liam to Dru to Spike/William.

Which is not to say the quiz is without its problems; there are ambiguous questions wherein more than one response can be seen as correct, for example:

Question 5 vexes me, because as I recall, Giles wanted to be a grocer. Perhaps he also mentioned fighter pilot.

Question 6 is also unclear, as a case could be made that Mr Pointy is her favorite toy, not the stuffed pig (which is nevertheless important).

Question 10 isn't quite as off, but responses a. and b. can be justified by the show's text -- both describe Anya's kind, as the second is a quote from Halfreck (sp?).

Finally, in Question 11, two responses describe Maggie Walsh. She was Buffy's psych prof in season 4 -- ie, response a. -- but she also says the TA's call her the "evil bitch monster of death," which is response b.

When you're building a quiz, eliminating other possibly correct choices is probably a good plan. Obviously, there's something to be said from creating a "find the MOST correct answer" sort of dynamic, but the ones I note above fail to include an obviously more-right answer (unlike, say, questions 1 and 3, which include technically accurate options that nevertheless are obviously less descriptive/complete than the "correct" option).

Obviously, I did quite well. For what it's worth. Heh.

Unfortunately if you look at the source code, you'll see that what ever you fill in everyone gets the same answer. Sorry about that.
No, Drusilla was never seen drinking from Spike in the flashbacks. In season 2 Spike clearly says "You were my sire". I'm assuming that Dru picked Spike and took him into the alley, where Angel made him a vampire.

And Giles said he wanted to be a "fighter pilot, or possibly a grocer".
That's actually not right. It's quite clear in Fool for Love that Spike is sired by Dru; we actually see the initial bite after she offers, obliquely, what Rice calls the dark gift. Williams whimpers and everything.

The earlier comment you may be rembembering (from, I think, School Hard) perhaps meant that Angel was Spike's real guide after his transformation, in the sense that one may say "you're like a father to me. Since Dru has always been insane (at least post-transformation), it makes sense for Angel to have stepped up to provide William with the education and guidance he'd need to be a successful vampire.

This is supported further by an interview with Whedon himself, who elaborates:

"I believe it was in 1850 that Angel made Drusilla and then Drusilla made Spike. Now, this is where it gets confusing for everybody, your sire can mean anybody in the line that made you. So, Drusilla is Spike's sire, but so is Angel in the sense that Angel made Drusilla and Drusilla made Spike. If we were being more literal we would call him a grandsire, but that term does not exist in the vampire world, so sire just means somebody that you are connected to because they came before you on the line. By that reckoning you could say that Darla is Spike's sire since she made Angel. "

Nyx, don't you remember in 'Fool For Love'? William saying "Ow, Ow, OWWWWW!" as Dru fed on him? However, if you want to get all technical, Dru could be considered Spikes "Dam"---Angel was her "Sire" and Darla was Angelus "Dam"---so, do you know for sure if the Master was Darla's "Sire"???

Hey Joss??? Help us out here, huh? ;)
But did Spike drink from Dru? Dru drank from Spike, but maybe, then, Angel let Spike drink from him. Thus becoming his Sire.
"Maybe?" Whedon's on record: Spike's sire is Dru. It goes from Darla to Angel to Dru to Spike. See the quote above, or the link I took it from.

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