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September 28 2015

Morena Baccarin on the Nerdist podcast. "[She] talks with Chris and Matt about filming Gotham in New York, what studying at Juilliard was like, and being a mom in show business. She also talks about being Brazilian, how Brazilian culture differs from American culture, and the upcoming season of Gotham!"

I know I should be happy enough just to have an interview with Morena, but because I am lazy person in an on-demand world, can anyone tell me if she talks about Firefly or Joss at all in this?
It's more about her. Firefly gets mentioned, but it's in the context of how passionate the fans are and the difficulty of having something to say (in general) when she doesn't really know anything new.

Also how difficult it would be got get anything made at this point with everyone's schedules.

Of course I'm only half way through it so there may be more.

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They jokingly bring it up when talking about how every interview is questions about Firefly. Very little talk about it.

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