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September 28 2015

More from Drew Goddard about the studio demand for a Cabin in the Woods sequel. But what about the ending for the first movie you ask? "I'm sure we could figure it out if we got inspired to." says Drew.

I keep noticing how desperate I am for any Joss news related to something with moving pictures on a screen when I click on these articles about sequels I don't actually want but someone merely talking about the vague idea of them lets me pretend something is happening.
I think the best idea I've heard so far for a sequel would be one set in the post apocalyptic world left behind by the events of the first movie. Isn't that where the Resident Evil franchise is at this point? So there's precedent for one genre bleeding into the other.
I hoping for a prequel "The '98 Glitch".
@garyyager: I just assumed that was a reference to a horror movie that came out at the time. Like the original The Ring (which they reference more directly at another point).

edit: just googled, apparently the glitch happened in the US branch. There goes that theory ... :D

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I could see some sort of origin story explaining how the negotiations between humans and Old Ones led to the status quo that we see at the beginning. Were all the monsters delivered to the organization gift-wrapped, or did the humans have to go out and capture them? That may require a more serial approach — maybe a Netflix series rather than a 90-minute movie. But they could do more targeted commentary on specific tropes/genres of horror and the period in history when those tropes came to be.

Or maybe I just miss the Kolchak/"Night Stalker" series.
@D-e-f: I assumed the '98 glitch referred to the intervention of Buffy, preventing something that (unbeknownst to all of us) was actually a plan to appease the Old Ones.
Not interested in a sequel. I'd rather there be an entirely original movie, and that Joss be the director. Goddard is good, but Joss is a god!
I read somewhere that the '98 glitch was a reference to The Faculty.
@KissingToast I read the same thing earlier but that was just speculation on the author's part. No official thing since it also causes problems due to not taking place in the actual cabin.
A sequel would render the original completely pointless.

I sincerely hope they have the balls to let the story end where it ended. If the studio needs money that badly, they should go busking in the subway station.
@AndrewCrossett: not necessarily. A sequel doesn't need to be a story-sequel. It could be a thematic-sequel. Potential ideas were discussed in the comments to the first article about Drew's response to the studio demand the other day. There's lots of ways to do another Cabin-style movie it without affecting Cabin at all.

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