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September 29 2015

Honest Trailers - Avengers: Age of Ultron. The guys at Honest Trailers believe Joss needs a hug.

Don't agree with everything they said (I really liked the movie), but they did make some good points.

Loki was indeed the best villain IMO.

Vision was mentioned by name though.

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Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I'm glad Joss turned down the Infinity War job. He seemed kinda broken during that press tour.
I don't think we'll ever know quite what happened behind the scenes but I liked what I saw in the cinema. It's a very different film from the first one and some bits don't quite gel but I enjoyed the experience. The first Avengers movie looked bright and clean and optimistic. The second one looked grittier, almost ragged in some respects.
I always find these Honest Trailers fun.
Joss needs a hug? I volunteer as tribute! Wait, that's the wrong fandom....
People like to put down all the marvel villains except for Loki--but I thought Hugo Weaving's version of the Red Skull and Toby Jones' Arnim Zola were brilliant! The 'honest trailer' was amusing but I did love Avengers 2. Wishing Joss hugs anyway ... from whoever he likes to get them from.
Oh and I did enjoy Spader's Ultron too. He brought quite a maniacal feel to the character, especially considering how pressed that movie was to squeeze in screen time for all that stuff. And on the subject of Avenger's villains, I am hoping that some day they will consider bringing Kang the conqueror to the big screen...That would have to be way down the road of course.
I think one day we will be reading about how the films tracked behind the scenes stuff going on at Marvel.
Sunfire that is a very interesting observation. I wonder how long it will be before we read that. Anyway the trailer is funny and cute, and did have some good points - the movie had an impossible task in setting up all the upcoming Marvel films, but I still liked Avengers II. Simon is right, it was a more complex, layered and darker film than Avengers I, but a sequel has to delve deeper than an original if it's to be worthwhile.
Honest Trailer is only really good when they dig into bad movies. Their Trailer for J.J.Abrahms STAR TREK is fantastic for example. But when they take on good movies it becomes more of a silly lines parade sprinkled with a few oddities and actual honest-ness.
@Bad Karma: Agreed. It turns into a grand ol' nit-pick-palooza mixed with some I-didn't-get-it-ness. But with a movie like Age of Ultron that has the internet in a civil war of their own, it's no surprise that most of the favorites got called out here.

I'm fully in love with the movie and appreciate its less shiny and more pure Jossness. Warts and all (the movie, not Joss ...I'm not aware of any warts on Joss ...oh god, this got awkward fast ...can anyone tell I didn't get a lot of sleep and I'm crumbling under stress? Hello? Why am I still talking?)

edit: now I even have to edit out a typo ...geez, way to make a crappy post worse.

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I don't feel like anything Infinity Stones related is setup anymore. At this point, we're in the middle of a story that's been building since the first Captain America movie. "Age of Ultron" is just the point where someone finally said, "Why the hell are there so many Infinity Stones popping up?" It's as much connected to past movies as future ones.

All of that would bother me if this big, multi-movie story were complex. Having to remember the details of conversations from several movies over several years would drive me nuts. Instead, it's just "We're on stone number 4 of 7, something big is coming, and it's probably that huge, purple guy." I can handle that, and it still feels like buildup.

I was completely comfortable with all the groundwork this movie did for the future. I think it all worked in the context of this movie at the same time that it was setting things up.
He doesn't need a hug, he needs a doctor -> dr. Horrible!

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