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September 29 2015

(SPOILER) "Agents of SHIELD" showrunners answer your pre-Season 3 premiere questions. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen answer questions about Season 3 on CBR.

But not mine :(. But congrats to Dusk :).
Thanks! I submitted 3 questions, but I knew posting one question based on Buffy tropes from a Whedonesque user had a higher chance of being answered!

From the sounds of this and the episode solicits so far it might be the ATCU as Big Bad in Part 1 and Lash in Part 2.
I actually think Lash is the Big Bad of Part 1, with the ATCU as merely the morally grey government hunting Inhumans/SHIELD. I don't think we know who is the Big Bad of Part 2 (perhaps Ward?).
Possible, just from the sounds of episode 3, the ATCU is carrying over as a threat for a little while.

With Ward, they do have to deal with him at some point and I have to wonder how long they can string out his presence on the show. He's too serious to be a Harmony-style threat and too involved to be a Drusilla-style reoccurring issue.

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