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September 29 2015

Seven great genre TV Shows that had horrible pilots. Angel is first on the list.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a Whedon show. Maybe not a Joss Whedon show.
I actually thought the Angel pilot was pretty good. A nice twist, with the victim dying halfway through--and a fun cheat with time to subvert your expectation--and a pretty great ending with Angel kicking the guy out the window. What's not to like?
Yeah I didn't think 'city of' was bad at all.
Really? I'm baffled they put City of on the list. Its not the best episode of Angel but its not the worst either.
Ugh? I admit that Angel season 1 is probably the weakest season, but it started really well, "City Of" is a great pilot.

The pilot for AoS is nowhere as good, but yeah, it's not a Joss Whedon show.
I liked the Angel pilot.

And Joss wrote the pilot for AOS. It was promising. It was the next few episodes that were underwhelming.
This is a rather haphazard list. Angel's pilot was fine.
That video on the site was not the Angel pilot by a long stretch. It was more like a promo for the show. The real pilot was fine. It had a decent plot, action and some great comic bits ("I don't think you're going to pull that trigger". "Good call.")

Now the pilot of "Next Gen" was truly horrible.
City of sold me on the show. I found the character of Angel a total bore on Buffy, so I gave the show a shot, not necessarily intending to watch any more episodes after the pilot. But the was funny and interesting. Cordy and Doyle were great and I enjoyed the new Angel thoroughly.
Plus "can you fly" was ridiculously bad ass.
Of course, looked at a certain way, Buffy had one of the most disasterous pseudo-pilots in history, starring Kristy Swanson.
>> @barboo "Now the pilot of "Next Gen" was truly horrible."

Will security please escort Marina Sirtus's stunt hair off the soundstage.
I agree with all the disagreement. Wasn't at all convinced that a show about Angel could be good, but the pilot totally sold me.

Spartacus was one show I didn't like the first episode of but later learned to love. Haven't re-watched, though, so I don't know if the show changed or if I just got on board.
"City of" was a great pilot. I sometimes wonder what they watched.

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