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September 29 2015

Serenity turns 10 today. Probably the movie I've watched the most. There's always something new to discover. Anyhow congrats to Joss and co for a fantastic experience back in 2005. They have something to be proud of.

I still remember going to see it locally in a small old theater in December '05 and being the only person there. It was both depressing but also pretty cool. If only they had shown an undubbed version though, that would've been perfect (having to endure dubs made waiting for the DVD that much harder).
Ah, I wished I'd gotten the Wikipedia article up to snuff in time to have nominated it to appear on the front page today.
That feeling when Serenity first appeared on the big screen... It was like seeing the Millenium Falcon appear in the Star Wars VII trailer, only stronger. And it hadn't been 30 years.
@Ragondux and it was grudge-free because there were no prequels that soured you on the whole thing. :)
I too have seen the movie more times than I can count. And I can't believe it's been 10 years. Already? TEN?

The folks over at the Alamo Drafthouse are hosting an anniversary rolling roadshow tonight just outside Austin in Bee Cave, TX. Should be

I'm glad I got a ticket when I did...some friends got sold-out on.
Y'all know how I feel about this. But in case you don't: good. I feel good.
Serenity was my introduction to the world of Joss Whedon (I'm a latecomer). I saw it on HD DVD (true story). That said, I didn't get into it until later on, not having watched Firefly made some key leaf-y moments not resonate as much as they could have.
This film and Firefly means so much to me and my family. My son is all grown up and moved away, and yesterday he had occasion in the OR to remember the scene where Simon chews out a doctor for almost killing a patient. I am so grateful for the impact this film and series had on us.
I've watched Serenity so many times I can quote the dialogue along with the actors. This is very annoying to fellow watchers. :-) I LOVE this movie!
That was such a fun time.

I saw it again at the Arclight a few weeks ago. It's not a great film by any stretch, but it's a good one.
I can still remember going to see it on opening day, buckland hills cinema in Manchester CT. Hadn't seen one ep of Firefly, I loved it all the same. Watched Firefly within the month, started rewatching Buffy within the year. Now I'm at film school, finishing a cut of my fifth short film. That day set me on a different path.
A brilliant film that has aged gracefully :D

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