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September 30 2015

'I'd love for Joss Whedon to direct 'Into The Woods'' says Tony Head. All that and a great chat about Dominion, Anya in The Body, and Tony's new play 'Ticking'.

That would be awesome, though at this point, I'd take him directing anything.
I actually thought the "Into The Woods" movie was really good. But I'd be very happy if Joss' next movie is a musical :)
I love how happy he is to rave about Joss! I really hope they work together again. I met him at a stage door once and he was amazingly friendly. When I mentioned Buffy he enthusiastically started talking about Joss and Dollhouse, which was on at the time.

I really liked the film of Into the Woods too, but I'd wanted Joss to direct the film for ages. It would have been such a perfect fit for him. He would have got the darkness. I'd love it if Joss directed a musical, an original one if possible. Although I actually think he's the only director (and screenwriter, dare I say it?) around who could make Wicked into a great movie.
I don't care too much for Joss directing things when he has no input in the writing. His Glee episode wasn't any different from the others.
My fingers are crossed for Anthony returning in Galavant, with a song and maybe a fight against Hutgher Hauer.

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