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September 30 2015

Ratings for the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 premiere. The show got a 1.7/5 in the 18-49 demo.

Above every episode in the spring. Nice rebound.
To grow out of last Spring is huge. I expected it to be in the 1.2 range. It will probably double to a 3.5 or higher in L+3.
It won its timeslot. It and NCIS: New Orleans both got 1.7, but AoS will get significantly higher L+3 numbers. Maybe a bigger bump than usual because it was on opposite a two-hour episode of The Voice.
Funny but a 1.7 is exactly the number I had thought it would be. Now if only the advertisers would realize that recorded viewing
where there is no FF is better than live+SD we could all be happy. The reason its better is that folks watch shows* they record
multiple times which you would think the advertisers would love.

* This is most true with shows that people record on a regular basis imo.
Fast Forward isn't the enemy that broadcasters and advertisers think it is. People who are FF'ing have to keep their eyes on the screen to know when to stop. They see every commercial. Even if it's sped up and with no sound, that's still more effective than people who "watch" the commercials but actually go to the toilet, get a snack or check their phone that whole time.
I'm not buying that Fast Forwarding is just as good as watching commercials. You don't know what they're saying, you don't hear any advantages of the product, you don't hear the humor of the commercial that makes you remember the product later, and you don't really absorb anything. Sure, you pay attention to make sure you know when to stop, but that's barely enough to register that the products exists.

When the show "Leverage" first came out, I missed the entire first season because I was fast forwarding over everything. If I hadn't noticed the face of an actress I like, I would have missed out on a great show. I actually cut back on FFing after that.
I didn't say FFing was better than watching commercials, I said it was better (for the advertisers) than letting the commercials play and not paying any attention to them at all.
Yeah, I don't think I'd be comforted by that if I were an advertiser. Their point of view is that FFing does nothing, and I'm inclined to agree. Seeing the McDonalds logo for half a second doesn't do anything except tell me that McDonlds exists, which I already knew. If people are watching live, they *might* be flipping through channels or going to the bathroom, but there's a chance they aren't, as opposed to FFing where it's guaranteed that people aren't getting anything useful from the commercials. I think it's fair for them to think of FFing as bad for them.

Anyway, the ratings for this episode are the best we've seen in awhile. That should be something we can agree is good.
Have to say I'm very surprised - hopefully it holds, but given where the series was at the end of last year, and the fact that the summer movies didn't really have any significant SHIELD tie in's I'm slightly mystified

I haven't looked - can I assume the lead in numbers (which were horrific last year) have improved significantly? That could be it
Had to answer my own question - looks like Muppets pulled a 2.0 and Off the Boat a 1.7 .... significantly better than the sub 1.0's some of the lead in shows were pulling ... while it amazes me that in an on demand world / instant access world it matters, there does seem to be some correlation to
The lead-in for the S2 finale was Dancing with the Stars, which got a 1.5/5 and 10.16m viewers (AoS got 1.3/4 and 3.88).

For the S3 premiere, the lead-in was Fresh Off The Boat, which had a 1.7/6 and 4.74m viewers. The AoS premiere got 1.7/5 and 4.9m viewers. So, it's not a big difference from the lead-in (DWTS had a slightly lower 18-49 rating, but significantly more viewers), but AoS held on VERY well to the viewers from Fresh Off The Boat -- they actually grew in total viewers, remained steady in the 18-49 viewers, and dropped only slightly in the share. That all sounds like very good news to me.

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