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September 30 2015

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's Webseries "Con Man" Premieres Today. The first four episodes of the Indigogo-funded, Firefly-inspired comedy are now available on Vimeo. FastCompany has an article about how the project "rallied the geeks" and why it was so successful.

According to this, Entertainment Weekly will be streaming the first three at 10pm EST and iirc some of the cast is doing a livetweet.
So I can have Netflix for 9 but have to pay 14 for a web series?

Seems a tad expensive. Is that the normal price people pay for things like this?
As far as I'm aware, yeah, it's how much I usually pay, usually because Vimeo is competiting against Netflix, and the webseries are independently produced without really any kind of support outside of themselves. And some other things and some more words I can put more eloquently. But, yeah. It also helps that Netflix works more as a model of syndication. Most of their content isn't produced by them, so they aren't footing most of their own production costs. Things like Daredevil and Orange is the New Black are anomalies.
Netflix has huge scales of economy - they have more subscribers than HBO. The Vimeo price is, like, DVD price.
Exactly... It's a DVD price except you don't get the DVD and you don't even get to own it. You're just renting it for 3 months.
I would love to watch this, but I am not really a fan of spending $15 to stream something for only a small time window.

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