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October 01 2015

Anthony Head talks briefly about Ripper. "The life of Buffy still goes on in the comics, and I'd have to play a 60-year-old or an 80-year-old, do you know what I mean? That's not quite fun!"

I'd have to disagree with ASH- and would still find a story about a 60-80 year old Gile interesting to watch!
(I hope Ripper, or any live-action Buffyverse continuation, does eventually see the light of day.)
I agree with him. We got 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 of Angel. Let it rest in piece.

What I need is a Blu-ray release of Buffy in HD 4:3 with the look of the original. Better special effects would be nice too, but I would also be fine with the originals.
I would enjoy it too, but as about the same age, the idea of stomping around a haunted house as the lead performer is much more conceivable for a man in his later 40s than it is now. So I see his point.
Well we had Murder She Wrote, and Father Dowling Mysteries. Both successful shows with older leads.
There used to be shows with older leads back in the days when advertisers valued the older demographic... but now pretty much everyone but pharmaceutical companies is chasing the 18-49 age range exclusively. You don't see shows like Murder She Wrote, Father Dowling or Matlock on network TV anymore. Now the procedurals with leads in their 30's and 40's are considered "old people TV."
I actually think a show with a lead in his 60s or 70s would be very refreshing. And Giles is a great character, no matter how old he is.
He's only 61, and I don't think the intent with "Ripper" was ever to have Giles as an 80-year-old man.

Peter Capaldi is the lead of Doctor Who... he's 57 years old and looks the same age as ASH, pretty much.

Plus, ASH's daughters Emily and Daisy are just about the perfect age now to play his magically-youthful great aunts, Lavinia and Sophronia (which was always the intent.)
I wouldn't mind seeing Giles in his 70's at all.

@Ricardo L. : Same, what I want most is all 7 seasons on Blu-Ray. Not a reboot. The X-Files complete series is coming out on Blu-Ray in December, so I'm really hoping Buffy is next. Of course, Fox would have to completely revise the horrendous HD version that's been airing on tv. But I'm secretly hoping Joss is currently working with Fox on the HD conversion :) Fingers crossed.
@Liam12 I'm secretly hoping that too!
Giles with a walker. I'd watch it! Seriously, 60 is not old; in fact, it's prime time for a Watcher to look back on his life, pain, secrets, and accomplishments. I would hope Joss is still interested and Tony would change his mind. We want, or at least, I think most of us want to see this story.
Weeeell...Giles's age in the comics is kinda fluid-ish at the moment. So there's that.
There is not much difference in age between 57 and 61, though there would be the problem that Giles is dead. Or was he resurrected? (I fell behind on reading the comics.)

Plus, being a 57-year-old fan, I don't mind a few of the genre heroes being around my age. We can't all be stuck in high school forever. (I hated it the first time around!)
Whilst this is contrary to many in the fandom, I don't much care for the comics nor do I consider them to be canon. He may well be dead. I'll easily watch that reversed and not second guess it for a minute.

I'd happily spend time with a 60 year old Rupert Giles wandering around the darkness of Western England. To me he's very much a character who ripens and deepens with age. Theres something about his maturity that just sits so well with the backdrop of what I assume the story intends; macabre ghost stories that are much more classical and gothic than anything the Buffyverse has explored before.

Ultimately, this series will never happen and thats sad as it's a potential goldmine for an entirely different spin on an already incredible universe. I've always thought this story would have been the perfect close to the fandom. We've already had the story of the Slayer, we've glimpsed the world of a Vampire, too see the final part of the Watcher fall in place would be massively satisfying and feels right somehow.

The people who started watching Buffy in their teens and early twenties have grown up. Now more than ever, the time to tell this story feels right.
Joss considers the comics to be canon, so for the purposes of any story he tells, Giles is alive and in a 12-year-old's body.

I've said before I'd love to see a Ripper miniseries that switches back and forth between today's Giles and his young rebellious 70's self, played by a different actor.
Whaaat ? They couldn't leave well enough alone and just let Giles stay dead ?

I haven't read past Season 8 and most of IDW's Angel run, but I think I'm of the same mind as Joss and a lot of the fandom on this -- the comics are canon UNLESS a film continuation or new (non-reboot) show goes into production. Then the comics (aside from Fray, Tales Of The Slayer, and maybe The Origin?) are pretty much thrown out the window or can become a divergent timeline in our heads if we like, unless they adapt the comics exactly.

Totally fine with the Buffyverse remaining dormant on screen, though. 12 seasons is an amazing run and I don't need this to become Star Trek.
Joss wouldn't have made the comics canon if there was even the slightest chance of a film continuation. Which there isn't.

It was Joss's idea to bring Giles back in a kid's body, and it's worked out quite well.

But I suspect that the comic has burned through quite a lot of the story matter that was originally intended for Ripper.
From memory at the Buffy paleyfest reunion Joss stated that while the comics are considered canon, if he got the oppurtunity to make a live-action continuation/ movie he would have no issues shifting their status to non-canon if the comic canon didn't gel with where he wanted to take the story in live-action.

(With Ripper they don't have to explicitly contradict the comics, if Giles is the only Buffy character who appears.
As they can keep it vague as to when it is set, and it could theoretically teenage-Giles grown up naturally over 50 years.)
The events of the comic would be so easy to hand-wave away without decanonizing though. "Oh Giles, I'm so glad you found that magical lemonade that returned you to your adult self! Wasn't that a wacky two years we spent in San Francisco", and move on.
That Paleyfest statement was made in an emotional moment while Joss was surrounded by the cast members (including SMG, for the first time since the show ended), and people have been misinterpreting it ever since to mean that Joss doesn't really consider the comics canon, or considers them "disposable" canon that can be waved away at a moment's notice. But that is not, and never has been, the way Joss tells stories. Constant reboots and re-imaginings may sell a lot of popcorn, but it's no way to build a world.

The current issue of Buffy (#19) actually deals very effectively with the issue of adult Giles vs. kid Giles.
A _Ripper_ film could easily be set between "Chosen" and Issue #1, even with how Tony looks today ie. not bad a t all.
I understand the context in which he made the comments, and was not suggesting that he considers them non-canon (or disposable canon.)- He acknowledged the fact that a film/ live action continuation was incredibly unlikely to happen, and that comics are the canon continuation of the series, then stated if one did become possible and part of making it work meant re-designating the comics as 'non-canon' he wouldn't with doing so as he would have the cast playing the characters again.

I don't think that means he would make the comics non-canon if a contiunation ever was to happen, just that he wouldn't be opposed to shifting their canon status if the (highly unlikely, hypothetical) live action continuation was to ever happen.

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