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October 01 2015

The rise of Buffy studies: why academics love the show. An Atlantic article about how Buffy led to TV shows being studied as serious literature.

I wrote an essay about Buffy in my third year of uni. It got the second highest grade I've ever got.
One of my tutors at Uni Matthew Pateman was a big Whedon fan, he wrote The Aesthetics of Culture in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We did a module on Buffy in our second year, Firefly in our third, filmed scenes from the Firefly pilot in a practical module and I ended up writing my dissertation on Joss, his works and the internet. A shortened version of my dissertation ended up getting published in a collection too and I left Uni with a First.

I'm now a video editor/camera man and can put a lot of my success down to my time studying Whedon at Uni.

Cheers Joss!

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