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October 01 2015

A 30 second ad during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. costs $132,552. Marvel's Agent Carter has a slightly higher price of $135,093.

Wow. No wonder there are so many ad breaks on American television. That's crazy.
So each ep of each show picks up about ~$4m for ABC. Probably more with product placement etc. Then Marvel gets the monies from selling the show abroad, DVDs etc.

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Wonder how that compares to other shows.

Whoops, just clicked through. It compares decently.

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Some of the ad times during a show belong to the local stations (I'm not sure how many) and some of the slots are used for the
promotion of other shows so actual revenues are a little hard to pin down I would think.
Yeah, I took a portion out of the $4m for local slots. Maybe not enough, of course!
$4m is a good estimate. All of these numbers reflect the price at which ads were sold after the upfronts. They assume a specific C3 to C7 number is hit in each individual case. Where that specific number is not hit the advertiser is owed "make goods." Then the network gives the advertiser free ads until they "make good" on the number eyeballs that were sold. If the show exceeds the ratings promised then the network can take advantage of the few spots they saved to sell on the "scatter" or open market.

Also, we don't have the slightest clue what the promised C3 or C7 number was and we will never know what the actual C3 or C7 ends up being. Fun!
@IrationaliTV At the rate given $4MM is 5/6 of all the possible slots. That seems a trifle high, but if so then its
obvious that the show is profitable on the base line revenues alone*. BTW you mentioned C7's. Are they getting
paid on these as yet ? I know they have been campaigning for it but I hadn't heard that they had broken through
as yet.

*asssuming ratings targets are hit.

One other thing. Now that I think about it I am a little surprised that Carter's rates were that high but its nice to see.

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Some shows on some networks are getting paid on C7. I have no idea if AOS is one of them. $4m is a nice round number to use when looking at these very imprecise rates that have a lot of wiggle room like not accounting for target rates, actual rates, % of spots sold and what can be sold in scatter. Makes no sense to try to get super precise when the numbers you start with are so fungible.

The best use of these numbers are as benchmarks against other shows to see which shows the advertisers value more. Using them for network/studio/show economics is a bit sketchy.

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Interesting. I went back and looked at all the rates. Assuming that the rates are considered realistic then AoS is actually
doing pretty good. It looked to me that 2/3 of the non news content on the 4 major networks had lower rates. Not that bad.
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