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October 02 2015

Ten great reveals from Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron commentary. The Age of Ultron Blu-ray and DVD are out in the States today and has picked out some interesting facts from Joss's commentary.

They haven't seen Angel..
Willow said it best: "And we're what, surprised by this?"

I feel sad for Joss, he so often talks about his experience with Marvel toward the end pretty negatively. Glad he's out of that now, and hope he's happier for it.

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The Thin Man story really got me as well. Gave me that "Am I that ancient?" feeling.
I'm still not getting the impression that he has negative feelings towards Marvel. It feels like he's saying this was a very hard movie to make, not that Marvel made it hard.

Yeah, he's talked about arguments with Marvel people over the movie. He's also talked about support that he got with comments like, "I think I said that five people would cheer at this and Kevin Feige said ‘Yes, but I will be one of them.'" Joss seems to talk more about his own standards causing him to struggle than what anyone else did.

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I think there's a tendency to look for a "Big Bad" that Joss has to fight against among some of the fanbase. I mean, given the history that's no surprise but maybe sometimes a bit unfair. Plus there's always many people involved in these things and there are probably people you bump heads with and people who champion your efforts at every turn in all of them.
I don't have the blu ray yet, so I don't know what his tone is in the commentary but I guess with that good bye he won't be working on SHIELD?
@eddy: there's nothing to really read into the "tone" there. I wouldn't overanalyze this.
One thing that was interesting to me about these commentary notes was the mention of the movie "The Thin Man". I still wish someone would ask Joss if he was also thinking of "The Apartment". I saw that movie just a few weeks before watching the Avengers, and a couple of similarities jumped out at me. Then I saw an entire article comparing the two movies, so I'm not the only one thinking this.

So how about it, Joss? Did you turn the Black Widow into Jack Lemmon, or am I just crazy?
I was interested by the Frankenstein comments. Ultimately, the original Frankenstein story is about a man who attempts to access the female activity of giving life, and then abandons his offspring when he is successful at it. It is the first abandoned child horror story. (Or not - Oedipus might have that claim). I've argued earlier that the entire movie is about having children, and the way being an Avenger or superhero impacts on that - not just the obvious in Black Widow's comments, which people got so incensed about. Ultron, at the very beginning draws attention to that theme when he stumbles over the word "children" and has to repeat what he means. There is nothing accidental about that - it's a screaming underlining of the point, a way of drawing attention to that as a key issue in the movie. Ultron is Tony's Frankenstein child, Hawkeye, the least super character is the one who gets to have children, Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Captain America all mourn their inability to have children. And ultimately the group together produce The Vision, the good new child.
nice one, barboo.

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