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October 02 2015

The 13 best villain songs of all time. Three Whedonverse songs made this list.

I have "Bad Horse" as the ringtone for my husband on my phone.
Am I weird for not feeling good about Spike's and Dr. Horrible's own songs being presented as "villain songs" in this? Dr. Horrible isn't the villain of the story and Spike isn't either at that point of the show. I'd have picked "What you feel" from OMWF instead as a piece from an actual villain (plus it's fantastic!). And of course "L.A. Song" by everyone's favorite lawyer/singer/hand-amputee/tattoo-fiend ...
"My Lullaby" from the Lion King II Simba's Pride was written by Joss.
I was just coming here to mention 'My Lullaby'. You can definitely hear Joss in the lyrics. 'Oh the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me.'
D-e-f-, I'm with you there on the whole Billy and Spike not being the villains.
I agree with D-e-f...that was the first song I thought of...
Played Scar in a production when I was younger.. always wished I could've had the chance to be Zira too specifically so I could've performed both "Be Prepared" AND "My Lullaby". Can't believe "My Lullaby" didn't make this list. Best Disney villain songs ever. ;D

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I still listen to Rest in Peace on occasion. Love that song. Re Brand New Day, that may be one of my favorite all-time pieces of music in a Whedon production. Speaking of that, I wish Jed would be included as the composer responsible when some article is talking about Dr. Horrible. This piece makes it seem like Joss does everything, and though we know he's super-competent, he had help on this project. I'm pretty sure I read someplace, can't find it now, that Jed did the composing on Brand New Day and co-wrote the lyrics, so he should get his due.

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@Tonya J: one need just look at the credits, like here:

Brand New Day

Music by Jed Whedon and Joss Whedon
Lyrics by Joss Whedon
Performed by Neil Patrick Harris

Dr. Horrible is the villain, he's just not the antagonist. There's a difference.

I actually sang "Brand New Day" in front of about 170 people at a party. I still remember a good chunk of it. It's a really fun song.
Yes, it would be nice if Joss' co-conspirators got the credit they richly deserve.

Because of this article, I've been listening to the Dr H soundtrack (haven't gotten all the way through yet, and it's been a while since I've listened to it), and what really strikes me is just how charming a lot of the lyrics are! And even sweet. So it occurred to me: I haven't been posting my favorite ideas for what Joss "should" do next, basically feeling, whatever makes him happy, and why would he care what I want ... BUT, what if he wrote a Broadway musical??

I seem to think he's at least been rumored to be writing a ballet (but not actually choreographing?), but wouldn't a full-blown stage musical be fabulous?
Well, it would be fabulous but a ton of people would never get to see it :(
I was expecting to see Sweet's song here.
I'd be overjoyed if Joss wrote a stage musical. It would presumably get a cast recording that everyone could listen to even if they couldn't see the original production. The hope would be that it could be successful enough to have multiple productions.

But do you think following the box office grosses would be even more stressful than weekly ratings? I've often compared my heartbreaks of flopped musicals to cancelled TV shows. I can't decide what's worse, a cancellation cutting a story short but at least it's preserved, or a closing after the show's complete but meaning no one could ever see the original again...

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