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October 05 2015

Tom Hiddleston reveals why Loki was cut from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Well that's a shame.

Page doesn't work for me. Too many loops. Why was he cut?
@Mirage: I only read the article and didn't watch the whole interview -- but apparently, test audiences misinterpreted Loki's appearance in Thor's vision (see what I did there?) and thought that he was in fact controlling Ultron, leading to false expectations. Still a shame, though :-(.

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@Xhil: That's pretty much the exact thing he says in the video. Not much more to add to it.
I can understand why it was cut, if that was what happened. Good that Kevin Feige called him to explain.

But to not include on the Blu-Ray extras? Perhaps they're saving it for a superduper Blu-ray collection in a suitcase or something.
Yeah, I agree that's a pretty good reason for cutting it.
Maybe there are legal reasons they didn't include the scene in the Blu-Ray extras? I'm purely speculating here, but I could imagine that adding scenes featuring an actor who's not in the film (and credits) might have some contractual consequences... But again, that's just guessing. Of course I still hope we'll get to see the scene some day :-).
While I'm still disappointed he didn't make it into the film, that's a pretty good reason. You can't stop Loki from messing with our heads!

Xhil, I didn't think of that with the Blu-Ray. I bet they would have had to pay Tom Hiddleston royalties if he appeared on it. Now that's not a good creative reason, so I'd be unimpressed if it was true (yes, yes, I know financials are important; just never ask me to give a financial opinion).
IDK, I missed Loki. Would it have been so bad if his influence was a possibility? I know - there's other plans for the Big Bad of the verse.

Or perhaps, I missed Hiddleston speaking Jossian.
Thanks. I agree it makes sense to cut it. But not to include it in the DVD extras doesn't or at least post it on their Youtube channel if royalties are the reason. Fans would sure appreciate it.
Maybe he appeared for just a moment, like Wolfram & Hart, and it didn't make sense to add a deleted scene for that.

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