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October 05 2015

Hydra has an image problem. Brett Dalton calls up Joe Quesada to discuss Hydra's image problem.

These folks are having too much fun.
That was fun!

However, I get the feeling that Joe Quesada has had many similar conversations over the years that were entirely serious. I'm betting at least the "sketches" part was based on real experience.
Hey Joe Quesada!
What about . . . , an eyepatch on his foot?
Just keepin it real, thinking outside the tesseract.
Luv ya babe, we'll do that lunch thing.
BD: Hey there, Joe Quesada! It's Brett again! Wanted to update on the new logo design!
JQ: Uh, hey, Brett! It's just Joe. Look, I talked to Loeb about your sketches-
BD: Nah Joe Quesada, forget those, that's old news. I mean, my artwork is good and all, but I was on Google Image Search-
JQ: Oh no.
BD: -And I got some AMAZING inspiration for the new face of Hydra! Here, check this out!
*sends image dharma-H.jpg*
JQ: . . . Isn't that the Hydra logo from Lost?
BD: Right?! That's so nifty! It's sleek, it's simple, it's mysterious, it's perfect! Can we use it?
JQ: Well, I mean, it's already been used, it's from Lost.
BD: Yeah, but technicalities, right? Show's off the air, logo's just lying there, no one's using it. Plus, it was an ABC show, so it practically already belongs to us, right?
JQ: I don't think that's how it works-
BD: Ok, how about this one?
*sends image DisHercHyd.png*
JQ: . . . That's a bit complex. And also familiar.
BD: Yeah, it's the hydra from Hercules!
JQ: As in . . . the Disney movie?
BD: Bingo! Know what it says to me, Joe Quesada?
JQ: Copyright infringement.
BD: No, it says BAD@$$! Tough, dangerous, awesome, powerful, but also for the kids!
JQ: Brett, that belongs to Disney-
BD: Yeah, but so do we! So does Pinocchio! If it's good enough for Ultron, eh?
JQ: It's a bit more complicated than that.
BD: Ok, ok, fine. Saved the best for last. Here!
*sends image grn_n_sxy.gif*
JQ: . . . Whoa.
BD: If you wanna solve an image problem, am I right? Tell me something, why isn't SHE on my team?
JQ: . . . Broadcast Standards and Practices?
BD: HAH! Good one, Joe Quesada!
JQ: It's just Joe. And look, Brett, don't get me wrong, I'm all for Madame Hydra, but that costume is a bit . . . ah, how should I put this . . . Rule 34-ish?
BD: Is that comic industry slang? Doesn't matter, the point is, sexy sells! Grabs your attention, brings in the younger guy crowd, I've got the ladies covered, what does it say to the audience? Sexy people join Hydra!
JQ: Ok, but ABC is kinda known for being a family channel-
BD: Oops, gotta run! Trust me, Joe Quesada, Madame Hydra is the future of this organization! Kick it around, I'll get back to ya! Ciao!
JQ: It's just Joe!
JQ: . . . Sigh.
*stares at grn_n_sxy.gif*
JQ: . . . I gotta talk to Loeb.

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