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October 06 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x02 "Purpose in the Machine". This episode was written by DJ Doyle and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Hi everyone!
Hey all!! I made it and I'm all caught up!

BTW, I thought the premiere was well done.
Hello, everyone! Good to see you all!
I thought that was the cold open for a moment and I thought "why is Hydra selling cars now?"
Oh, yeah. Simmons.
Car dealerships *are* evil...
They truly are.
Well that was hokey.
That was tough running two screens for the 1st few minutes. Hate that Flash was just ending running over the previously sequence.

That was fast... for the portal thing.
I really want "The Martian starring Simmons" right now.
I'm liking science Bobby.
I haven't seen The Martian, yet. Let's not talk about it, please.
"Things got messy'. Really enjoying Coulson who don't wear suits anymore.....
A) Carbon dating doesn't work on sand.

B) Carbon dating only works back to about 50,000 years, not billions.

This has been your Pedantry Break.
Ward must have been a NASCAR fan at some point.
Like the way Peter McNicol is written this time.
Nice that they aren't leaving the team hanging for many episodes over Gemma's fate.
Read The Martian - it's so good.

Yes, Coulson is looking good in casual clothes.

[ edited by hann23 on 2015-10-07 02:14 ]
"The kid." Hmm.

Idle (and unrelated) thought of the evening: Are we ever going to meet Ward's younger brother? What side will he be on?
omg May's dad
Read the Martian and Watch the Martian. Drew did a good job adapting the book.

Loved the casting of May's dad.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-10-07 02:16 ]
OK, love him.
Something is triggering it. Inhumans?
To the plane! ha!
Amazon Woman - hahahaha!
Still wondering if they'll tie-up Ward's efforts to building new Hydra, with the events from Ant-Man.
Ward is despicable.
He is a very enjoyable villain, though.
Ha.. Finally addressing the logos all around things for a "covert" group.
Millie and her Dad need a sitcom show.
That was Mellie, a diminutive of Melinda.
This episode has a lot of inside jokes in it. Definitely going to have to watch this more than twice.
@JDL, Ah! That makes sense.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2015-10-07 02:24 ]
@Nebula, Ward is indeed despicable but omg remember when he was "good"? I don't miss Nice Ward.

@AndrewCrossett - Thank you for the Pedantry Break. I was about to look all that up.
Wasn't November also Mellie?
I don't miss nice Ward, either, javelina. He's much better bad.
We're so far from the somewhat wholesome, kinda boring Ward from the start of the series.
@Numfar, I keep waiting for at least a mention of Hank Pym!
Naturally she's good with a knife in the kitchen...
@Nebula - Yes! November was Mellie. Poor Mellie.
Is May hiding from what's-his-face?
Not a good face.
Haha! I love her dad!!
Ming-Na Wen's birthday is in November. It's almost like she is a living Easter egg.
Husband, not getting into the spirit of things: "That's not 1800s technology, that's definitely 20th century."
One of the best parts of this season so far (I know, just the 2nd episode, but I am excited), the different permutations they're playing with the main cast.
So Ward's poor young billionaire - that's Don John's henchman from Much Ado, right?
@javelina Yup, That's Spencer Treat Clark, Borachio on Much Ado.
Good catch, javelina! I was trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.

I'm not slow...

ETA: At least your husband watches with you, j. I lost any of my TV companions since my kids grew up.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-10-07 02:35 ]
Whoa, total Rube Goldberg / James Whale / Young Frankenstein flashbacks!
Lends credence to the whole "Inhumans are causing it" thing.
I've got javelina_kid PLUS spouse this week. They have not stopped kibbitzing for five seconds. I love them to pieces, of course, and I'm glad they're watching, but oy gevalt.
So maybe Gemma is an Inhuman. She just got swallowed up before she took fish oil.
Any Chinese speakers know what Mr. May said when Melinda had Hunter in the headlock?
My oldest son (who doesn't live here) watches, so we chat about it afterward. He just finally watched Agent Carter.
That was quite a quick understanding of some old tech. And what was the blue glowy goo in the glass?

Yes good catch @javelina!
Dagnabbit that thing affecting Daisy like that blows a hole in my "Simmons is on Nifheim" theory.
Damn! It's 3/4 of the way through already!
Von Strucker Jr! That legitimately surprised me.
Anyone else getting a Holz/Connor vibe with Ward and the "kid" here?
Yes @Dusk, def

I'm also getting Poltergeist vibes.

[ edited by hann23 on 2015-10-07 02:51 ]
It's like "Poltergeist."
"Anyone else getting a Holz/Connor vibe with Ward and the "kid" here?"

Well, if Ward were a long-lived and righteous if completely insane vampire hunter, I might get that vibe.

Edit - that was meant to be funny, not snide. It reads snide. Apologies, Dusk! I do see exactly what you mean.

[ edited by javelina on 2015-10-07 02:57 ]
Bet he has met the Royal Family.
I was thinking the same thing, Numfar.
That was intense! Maybe an Inhuman Royal Family too...

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-10-07 02:57 ]
Whoa. Fantastic episode.
@Dusk, you aren't kidding. I'm wondering if Simmons is going to hang onto her blade ...
Simmons return was so fast but well done - except the impossible carbon dating.
I am willing to bet that will not be the last we see of Professor Randolph.
Great ep. Hate Ward's intern.
I hope we see more of him, JDL. He can be useful.
I hope we see him again, he really worked well with the team.
Uh-Oh. With this and Ward's New Generation talk maybe he's planning to recruit from the university like a Hydra Hogwarts.
Great episode tonight.I gotta admit I was really surprised they got Simmons back so fast.Also really liked the Strucker reveal.
And Fitz-Simmons might become an actual thing!
Which means that one of them will die, JDL! You can't say that!
I wonder what the fallout will be for the return of Simmons.
I may have been premature on dismissing Simmons being on Niflheim, especially if she was in Hel's part of it. Cause unless you have time moving
at a different rate Simmons should have died from starvation by now. If she was in Hel, land of the dead she may not have required sustenance.
Simmons will insist Bobbi teach her how to fight so they'll flip roles. Bobbi in the lab, Simmons kicking ass.
Borachio Von Strucker has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing him die horribly somewhere down the road.

Nice reveal with May at the end. She and Lance are going to be the most mismatched & hilarious road-trip buddies ever. (Show, please don't kill Lance.)

Off-topic comment #2 - Where, oh where is Patton Oswalt? I miss him.
Per JDL and Nebula - SERIOUSLY, show, do NOT kill Fitz or Simmons!
@javelina, he's making more lanyards.
I'm sure he'll show up somewhere along the line, javelina.
@NYPinTA - Good point. Do Mack, Bobbie, and Lance have lanyards?
I like the reversal of roles things with Bobbi and Jemma, NYPinTA, but it's going to be more complicated than that (I hope). If the portal can swallow people, what will it vomit onto Earth in response? Something/somebody was after Simmons. She's going to go into full-on self-defense mode with them. Or she'll die...
Isn't the portal broken now? And why wasn't Simmons in next week's preview dammit.
Is the portal broken?
I thought it was.
Wow, that was an engrossing hour of TV! I couldn't believe it when the last break came so quickly. Well done!

[ edited by ActualSize on 2015-10-09 15:00 ]
The episode did zoom by, fast. Remember the how slow and bad Season 1, Ep. 2 was? This was the opposite in every way.
The portal is destroyed. And no GOTG crossover. :-(

I guess next we'll be processing what Simmons saw and experienced on that world. With no portal anymore, I wonder how they will make that relevant to the story, though.
Did Ward say something about being an Exterminator? Would Von Strucker, Jr. fit that profile (albeit with a different name)? Or did I imagine that?
I think Ward was just joking about the rats he let loose on the yacht. And bragging about what a badass he is, of course.
Maybe they'll fix up the carbon-dating error by writing into a future episode that Fitz and Bobbi conspired to make up some bs to convince Coulson and the team to pursue Fitz's hunch that it was a portal.
I hope everyone remembered that Adrianne Palicki was starring in that Wonder Woman (canned but can be found in certain places) pilot a few years ago. Making the "Amazon Woman" comment so so much funnier. :D

That damn saving-Jemma scene. Killed me three or fourtimes. First you think they're doing the let go of hand thing, then you think they're doing the ripped from hand thing, then you think they'Re doing the "both are lost" thing ...then you think they're doing the "only Fitz came back" thing. I was genuinely shocked (good!) when Jemma turned up in the rubble. Fitz and Simmons' friendship might be the thing on TV right now I'm most invested in. Seriously.
@Barzai - I like that fix and it makes sense. How many times has Coulson asked Fitz to dumb it down?

@De-f, Adrienne Palicki will always be a little bit Wonder Women for me.

Overall the first two eps were great. I'm hoping we see more Professor and get a bit more of his back story.
Yes, the reveal of Fitz, and then Jemma in the rubble pit was very effectively done. It played against audience expectations of getting a clean win this early in the season, especially in a Whedon show with an emotionally involved couple.

Of course, the boom will be lowered soon enough when we find out what happened to Jemma in Space Mordor and the horrible things that were probably done to her mentally. But they played against expectations there, too... I'm sure I wasn't the only one who half expected her to stab Fitz with that shiv and then go try to kill Daisy or something.

The carbon dating thing was an unforced error. They could have just hand-waved it away by saying "we analyzed the sand and found it was a billion years older than Earth," and that would have been enough.
If they'd said radiometric dating instead of carbon dating, it would've been fine. So I'm going to pretend they did.

Great episode. D-e-f-, yes, I went through all those things too - first the hands slip apart, then they grab back on, then they slip again... I was expecting Fitz to unclip the cable and stay with her while the portal closed behind him. Poor Simmons! I think she may take some time getting over that - good thing they have a psychologist.
Some more science fact: The only thing you can actually carbon date are the clothes of a vampire posing as a hip teenager in your local club situated inside a warehouse.
Enjoyed it - I watch with my 12 year old, and he was definitely watching through his fingers during the last "grasping fingers" moments. Really looking forward to seeing where this spins Simmons off to - I don't see FitzSimmons domestic bliss on the horizon. Next week looks kinda meh - the Lincoln / Daisy thing doesn't do much for me, but hopefully there'll be enough in the other plotlines to keep it interesting

BTW - anyone else raising an eyebrow that Coulson is all gung-ho "put Ward down" mode. Understand it from a strategic SHIELD vs Hydra perspective, but he's also clearly using his office to run a personal agenda
As long as his agenda agrees with SHIELD's, it's fine... just a little extra motivation. It's good to enjoy your job.
Saw an intriguing bit on AV Club paralleling what Simmons just went through with Buffy at the beginning of S6:
"What happened on that alien planet? What did Simmons have to do to survive? Her situation shares some similarities with early developments of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s sixth season, which begins with the team resurrecting a dead Buffy by bringing her spirit back from what they presumed to be an alternate hell dimension (but was actually more like heaven). The viewer doesn’t see Buffy’s experience in that mystical realm because the show doesn’t have that kind of budget, but her time there has a significant impact on her character when she returns, changing the way she interacts with the people around her."
That was really good. I'm impressed.
Even among the other comic book series, none of them are quite like AOS. The quality of storytelling and the development of the characters are far superior to most of the others. Even though Joss isn't working on the series, it's as close to a Joss-run series as we're going to get at this point.
What's the point of Hydra without the overarching philosophy about fascistic order over chaos? If it's just Ward and people then what are their aims?

(Still not on board with Marvel or comicbooks, sorry.)
That's kind of the point. Mainstream Hydra is basically dead so now Ward's got a pet project here. Vengeance is his motive but who knows beyond that.
I wonder what will keep Simmons away from the group at the beginning of next season.
No, not death. She has a tiny, little shiv to protect her now.
I think the producers are finally realizing what a gem they have with Iain De Castecker.
I think we can give Fitz the award for Best Hypoxia Recovery Ever.
Was anyone else waiting for someone to say "We need a MALP!" Anyone? No? Well, just me then.
What's a MALP?
Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe from Stargate possibly.
Finally saw these two eps. Loved them!

And am so amused that May, like Buffy, was an ice-skating Dorothy Hamill acolyte.
You know, I used to think I wasn't the ONLY Joss fan who came by way of being steeped in Science Fiction of all stripes and sorts and starting with Firefly (after the DVD release, of course) rather than Buffy. But yeah, that's a Stargate SG-1 reference.

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