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October 07 2015

TV ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. A decrease on last week, with the show getting a 1.6/5 in the 18-49 demo.

The show seems to have settled in right near the top among the genre shows on network television. Of those that have premiered so far this season, overnights for their most recent episodes:

1. Once Upon a Time - 1.8/5, 5.38 million viewers
2. Heroes Reborn - 1.6/6, 5 million viewers
3. Agents of SHIELD - 1.6/5, 4.28 million viewers [not final]
4. Gotham - 1.5/5, 4.33 million viewers
5. Last Man On Earth - 1.5/4, 3.3 million viewers
6. The Flash - 1.4/5, 3.42 million viewers [not final]
7. Scream Queens - 1.1/4, 2.91 million viewers
8. Sleepy Hollow - 1.0/3, 3.46 million viewers
9. Minority Report - 0.7/2, 2.07 million viewers
10. iZombie - 0.7/2, 1.7 million viewers
Man, can Heroes Reborn and iZombie please switch numbers? HR was so shoddy and iZombie is so good. Deserves more eyeballs.
iZombie is a zombie Veronica Mars. I say that as a compliment.
Yup, I just realized that again in this week's episode. Just wonderful. :)
I agree about iZombie. I really think that Clark and Chloe need to go after them with a Dubsmash war. It would be a fun non mean
spirited way to both compete and promote. Heck just think of all the dead guys they could bring back from the 1st two seasons ! :)
For those who are interested here is a link to last weeks L+3, L+7 (projected), and MP + 35 (7 day projected) numbers. I would have linked it in that
thread but it was off the front page by the time the numbers came out. The MP+35 number* from I can determine is for ad supported on line streamed

*thanks to IrationaliTV on that one.
Some of the acting in HR is pretty bad, but I like seeing a story about original heroes for a change.

Gotta be happy with Agents of SHIELD numbers!

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