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October 07 2015

Agent Carter vs Agents of SHIELD - the final Dubsmash round. Fun all round. And a good amount of money being raised for charity too.

Got a weakness for 90s music, so that's an easy choice for me.
Lola is still my favorite...
I like round three a lot. Great song choices. I just wish the videos were a little higher resolution. I'd like to be able to pick more faces out of the crowd.
I'm with you Jason. I was having fun with both of them but I could barely tell who everyone was.
Sadly I think they are running out of gas. After the inside jokes were used up some of the zip was gone.
Have to give this one to Shield but I felt the Agent Carter first 2 were stronger.
Lioness, you just made my heart grow three times larger. Hmm, whom would've guessed it!!
"Lola" was definitely my favourite.

Team Carter's vid stop at a weird spot during "Everything is Awesome" so the better choice for round three goes to Team Shield.

It's great that they have been able to raise over $100000.

On a side note, Hayley Atwell on her twitter page has been Dubsmashing lines from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" all day Thursday. Including the Dubsmash War, Hayley has done well over 40 dubsmashes since June.

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