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October 07 2015

A behind-the-scenes look at creating the epic main-on-end title sequence for Avengers: Age of Ultron. A fascinating insight into how Perception came up with the Avengers sculpture that wowed everyone at the end of the movie. And check out the three alternate main-on-end title sequences as well.

I really liked this sequence. The other ideas they tried are nice, but I'm really tired of abstract, computer generated stuff flying around the screen for a title sequence. The statue was a really nice change of pace.
I love the statue. I want a miniature marble one just like it to keep and gaze it.

But that aside, man these people are so talented. My mere photoshop skills feel even smaller.
It's actually not inconceivable that they could make one. They've got the computer model. It shouldn't take an unreasonable amount of work to go from that to an injection mold for a tabletop sized version. It wouldn't be marble, but there are some fairly rock-like printable plastics these days.
I bet that Hot Toys would bring out a really good version.
A snow globe version of the statue would be amazing, I remember visiting the Disney Stores at the Parks and they got all those gorgeous intricate snow globes for sale.
They did make at least one.

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