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October 08 2015

Watch Shawnee Kilgore's 'Little America' - shot by Joss Whedon in Austin, TX. There's a Patreon for Shawnee if you're interested.

This comment made me laugh:

I figured Joss would follow Age of Ultron with something more low budget... :)
jcs, where did the comment come in - is there an interview after the song? I have to admit that the song didn't much interest me, so I didn't keep listening.
External background noise, poor exposure, shaky camera, autofocus motor being picked up by internal camera mic. Are we sure Joss shot this?

Just kidding, but they should redo the audio.
This video costs nothing to make. Pin the name Joss Whedon on it and it becomes an instant YouTube hit and Shawnee Kilgore is a 1000 times more famous overnight. The man is a genius.
Honestly, I was kind of hoping Joss would shoot his next project on his phone. My wish may have been granted.

The song is kind of haunting, musically and lyrically, and while I do like it that the backing vocals are a guy randomly singing another song--not being ironic, it actually works for me--I'm hoping for a studio version, or at least a studio apartment version.

Perhaps on an album entitled New Adventures in Lens Flare!

ETA Got an MP3 of Little America by joining Shawnee Kilgore's Patreon, which sounds like something you do after the sorting hat.

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