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October 10 2015

Zap2it's coverage of the Firefly reunion panel at New York Comic Con. Nathan, Jewel, Gina, and Alan were there and it looked like a lot of fun. And Nathan's answer to "Malcolm Reynolds and Han Solo walk into a bar. Who walks out?" is awesome.

Wish I were there.
Thanks for posting this.
My favorite part:

Jewel is bittersweet about the comics, because it’s like reading a script that you’ll not get to perform. “It makes me go ‘awww. I want to say that.”

Gina: “Read it out loud.”

Nathan: “Let’s go to my house… and act out the comics.”

Even if they didn't film it, just knowing this had happened would make me smile all day.
Here's a YouTube recording of the panel:

edit: Just watched it. Jewel is adorable. Highly recommended over the plain liveblog :)

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I've been saying for years now that Dark Horse should commission audio dramas based on the comics, starring the cast.

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