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October 10 2015

PaleyFest Dr. Horrible reunion panel live stream! At the time of posting, this link leads to a countdown telling you when the panel (or stream) is supposed to start. When it's happening, if nothing fails, the link should lead to the video stream itself. EDIT: It now leads to the recorded video.

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Almost time to start. Very excited for this.
Political + Whimsical.
Nice, we get to watch it again, haven't watched it in months.
Hoo boy, been a few years since I watched Horrible. I was disappointed I had to wait an extra 45 minutes for the panel, but apparently I needed reminding how great this thing is.
So good to hear the Grrrh Arghh monster, considering that he goes silent on AOS.
Nix on the Dr. Horrible sequel happening anytime soon for anyone wondering.
That was incredibly charming. So good to see Joss there again -- he seemed much happier and less defeated than on this last press tour.
Thank you so much for posting this. I found it just in time for it to start. I missed the comment the audience member made when Felicia said the clothes from the laundromat scene were her own, the skirt, blue top and jacket. Did any of you hear it?
No, it was way too quiet, but from everyone's reactions I'm GUESSING it was something about Nathan's "hammer."
It definitely got quite a reaction.
I enjoyed the panel, though I tuned in a bit late, so I'm hoping the re-play the yahoo site actually happens (some folks have been able to watch it, but it kept stalling on me & now for me it just says it's missing some meta-data).

Everybody seemed up, and the atmosphere was relaxed & friendly - the moderator was beautifully unobtrusive.

And I usually feel all squirmy & want to do some seat-crawling-under when an audience member doesn't have a question in the Q & A, and just says Joss tribute-y things, but that last lady said some really lovely stuff. (Plus wonderful accent.) What a great way for the panel to go out & you could tell Joss was touched. Very sweet.

I'm looking forward to watching the whole panel when it's available.
Yeah, I think the last woman was partly helped by an audience that had been pretty good with that stuff so far, the fact that Joss called on her specifically, and of course that what she said was so clearly meaningful to her and that she just had to get it out. Very charming, sweet end to the panel.
Ironically, I totally forgot about the stream. Good thing the video is still there.
I happened to be at the laundromat last night while this was happening, and managed to watch on my phone. So that was fun.

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