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October 12 2015

Nathan Fillion sets the record straight about Firefly comic book read-throughs. He did mention it at the recent Firefly panel at New York Comic-Con but as he tells Vulture "I was just joking around. If we're going to talk about the logistics of that, I would have to license that, because we don't own that property, and it's not really my call."

But "it would light the Internet on fire."

Surprised that there were outlets that needed clarification that he wasn't being too serious about the idea, as it clearly appeared to be an in the moment quip- (although it'd be pretty great if they did try and pull one off.)
I think the Help Nathan Buy Firefly campaign was in the back of his mind. One small quip led to a big hoo-ha.
I got that it was a joke, I just had a little dream that it would happen. Not to be recorded or anything, I'd just giggle for half a day if I knew that they'd had a little dinner party and topped it off with comic reading.
Aren't Thrilling Adventure Hour doing comic readhthroughs with the art (minus speech bubbles) projected on the wall? And cons have readthroughs of various things all the time, with voice actors from different shows. I would imagine Dark Horse should be able to pull something similar together for a con, if they can get the cast all in one place. Getting Fox's permission seems like it'd be the easiest part, if it's even necessary. This sounds like a job for Dark Horse to me.
I don't think it would be difficult at all to swing the rights angle. Certainly no harder than those motion comics of Buffy season 8. And it would be easy to record because you don't need the cast all together in one place. 99% of it could be recorded by the actors at home whenever they have some free time, and sent in.

An actual table read would be a lot harder to manage, of course.

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That Buffy motion comic was an internal 21 Century Fox project. Super easy to gets rights from themselves. Yep. :)
It's hilariously sad that there needed to be clarification.
The One True b!X: rabid fans, much?

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