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October 12 2015

10 actors you forgot were in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. We didn't forget, but a nice list of 10 guest stars.

All these weird Buffy coincidences lately.

I was JUST watching "Family" yesterday and thought to myself "holy cow, that's Amy Adams, isn't it?" ... and now there's a top 10 article about just that thing.

Odd that they didn't include Josh Holloway's appearance in "City Of..." as random street vamp.
A shoutout to Pedro Pascal who played Eddie on "The Freshman".

Also of note, Amy Adams was directed by Joss Whedon on "Family". I wonder if he noticed just how wonderful she was as an actor. There was an Academy Awards roundtable a couple of years ago in which Emma Thompson mentions 'Josh' Whedon's Equality Now speech and there was an interesting reaction shot from Amy Adams when his name was mentioned.
I just started watching The West Wing (think I'm about 6 episodes in), and so far I've noticed Eric Balfour and Tara's dad and the creepy body-part removal guy from Angel. (Also a million other people from other shows.) I pretty much have to watch it with imdb open because I keep seeing familiar faces which I'm terrible at placing. Except the Buffy/Angel ones. I always know those. :)
@jcs: THE WEST WING is second (third?) only to ANGEL/BUFFY in my list of all-time favorite TV shows. It has loads of guest-stars and cameos in common with the Buffyverse. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
I'm getting very annoyed with these articles that are entitled "Things YOU didn't know," "Things YOU forgot," etc. How condescending. But aside from that, this was a fun list. It is true that I don't always remember who co-starred in what, and certainly didn't remember Jeremy Renner nor Amy Adams in the Whedonverse.

I've been watching "Person of Interest," and enjoying seeing Veronica Mars' dad as a villain and Amy Acker as a .... whatever it is that she is. ... Perhaps I should watch "The West Wing, from what y'all say, but my Netflix list never seems to get below 100 things, so it may be a while.

Meanwhile, I'm starting a blog about how jewelry is used in media, which is a pretty good excuse to re-watch Buffy! Yay! It's been too long.
Only had to be reminded of Sean Gunn, barely.
A couple of annoying factual errors in the list (in addition to the syntax/semantic errors that always show up because no one is willing to pay for a copy-editor any more) ...
  • Billy "Ford" Fordham (Jason Behr) did not get staked by Buffy at the end of the episode, since he was never turned.

  • Summer Glau did not play Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And the writer really overuses the phrase "... includes the likes of ..." to introduce a list of credits (it appears twice in the Amy Adams page alone).

@KissingToast: Amy Adams had already appeared in Drop Dead Gorgeous (which goes unmentioned on her page here) so Joss had ample opportunity to see how good she could be.
tomg, I'm reasonably confident that Ford is the vamp that Buffy stakes in the middle of her conversation with Giles at the end of the ep.

I always felt it was an interesting character note -- for Spike, actually, since it means that Spike kept his promise, even when the deal had gone south, and even when Ford really annoyed him.

And of course it's a wicked-intense moment for Buffy.

(I love "Lie to Me.")
Yeah, that's definitely Ford she stakes there.

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