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October 13 2015

Sam Mendes puts his questions to Joss Whedon and other directors. Ever wanted an insight into how the Hollywood A-List make movies? Then this is the Empire magazine feature for you.

This is the feature that was talked about back in September.

I like how everyone's answer to "Why didn't you become an accountant?" is "I'm terrible at math." Well, except for Alexander Payne, who answered, "Piss off."
Weird read, seems spliced together, but wonderful talent gathered.
Hey, I'm an accountant!
Great read. Some of my favorite directors are here: David Fincher, Joe Wright, Sofia Coppola and, of course, Joss Whedon!

I want more!
I like the way they have each directors answers listed under the same question (rather than a series of mini interviews)- as it helps to highlight the similarities and contrasts in their approachs.
(I like how popular 'that was great, let's have one more' and practical explosions with some CGI enhancement are amongst the group.)
The explosion one was definitely interesting. My first thought was that it would be a better question for TV people. With a lower budget, that decision might get a lot tougher. It's also a question that might get some different answers in 20 years.
Hearing that they all know that real explosions are always better than pure CGI is very reassuring.
My fav line (the accountant question):
Fincher: I’m not good enough with “people” to do that kind of work.

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