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October 13 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x03 "A Wanted (Inhu)man". This episode was written by Monica Owusu-Breen and directed by Garry A. Brown.

Yay! I won't be alone in here! Hello, Dusk!
waddup y'all?
I'm here! Skidding in and then I couldn't get the TV to turn on. Pitiful. ... Is that poor Lincoln?
Did that thing that attacked the hospital was it after Lincoln or did it follow/sense Skye?
Subtitles? Ha. Ok.
What's with the subtitles? It was English!
Why is Lincoln being so stubborn?
so lincoln's basically electro.
Because he's a guy, NYPinTA.
ACTU wants to capture a wild Pikachu!
re: Simmons shower scene -- she should have hairy legs.

But I know, I know, this is TV and everyone has perfect teeth and skin, even unkept, dirty-after-being-trapped-for-six-months-on-another-planet people.

Or technobabble explanation that the stress to the body, lack of Vitamin D (maybe due to lack of light from OUR sun), plus lack of other nutrients if her diet was insufficient...lead to lack of leg hair growth ?
I think they just sank all the different time rate theories on Jemma.
Maybe her leg hair was sand-blasted off, Kris.
I love May's outfit. Blondie. <3
She knows he's lying so that makes it not a lie? Oh, they're so cute.
Yes ! Dan Fuerigurrriel (can't spell it), "Agron" from Spartacus, is playing Hunter's buddy/gunrunner contact !!! I wonder if he worked his Whedonesque/Mutant Enemy connection (Steven DeKnight, showrunner of Spartacus and I think Jed and/or Maurissa wrote a few episodes of the series too) to get on AoS.

If there're folks here who haven't checked out Spartacus, you must. plow through the first four or five eps and then it's excellent. The first episode or two feels like a bad combination of the movies "300" and "Gladiator", but the series as a whole is far deeper and better than either of those
Ah. So Lincoln is a recovering alcoholic.
Yay, my cable dropped a bomb. Again.
I thought that was his sponsor he called.
So Lincoln might have been an alcoholic and/or suicidal at one point.
You have the worst cable, Grack21.
Yes I think it could be both, Dusk. But at least the alcohol, from the one line about that? Yes, this all had a lot of sponsor references to it. So this situation is even more dire for him than the overarching plot would suggest. Ack. :(

I do really like the supporting character details this season. More of this please.
Lincoln is also a character on The 100. Like this Lincoln, he started as part of an "other" group (grounders instead of inhumans), he meets up with one of the main female characters in the protagonist groups, and then switches groups.

Two Lincolns, two similar characters with similar arcs.
I do. At least it went out early? I guess? They are getting an angry call tomorrow.
100.4 degrees. No wonder everything looks yellow.

I should be watching the debate, but I'm here.
So far, I'm enjoying the episode, but it is definitely more set-up / procedural than the last couple of craaaazy weeks.

Of course, now that I've typed that, all heck is going to break loose.
Oh, man. He accidentally killed his sponsor? That was upsetting.
Well, the fear probably had more to do with it and that's more on the ACTU (or whatever) by hyping up Lincoln as a killer, etc. just to find him, IMO. But Lincoln won't ever see it that way.
I don't think he killed him. The guy had a heart attack. It may have been a response to seeing Lincoln's powers, but Lincoln didn't kill him.
Agent Adama would have fit right in with the super-powered hating ACTU... :/
I think when Lincoln zapped the bat, it caused the heart attack. Metal bat, excellent conductor. Or so it seemed to me. He now believes he's a danger to others, hence his change of heart about going to SHIELD.
I like that woman. She's cool. What's her name again?
"Eyes up here!" Ha!
Ha. Hunter looks like such a putz in that jacket. (Sorry Hunter.)
May's gonna fight.
Spud the double-crossing dud.

Lincoln's having a bad week.

Rosalind Punning Price.
Nebula, I def. see that coming! And May will kick ass 9 ways to Sunday.
Correction: May's going to kick a lot of ass. The others will try to fight back. ;)
NYPiTA, I was totally gonna comment on the dorkyness of that jacket.
Hunter is weirdly trusting and pure for someone who is so good at his job. He is a snarky cinnamon roll.
javelina and I on the same wavelength about May, Squishy and I about the jacket... it's a hive mind of awesome in here. ;)
You can't take anyone in a jacket like that seriously.
Snarky cinnamon roll! Hahahahaha. I love that.
All the way, May!
Lotta people killing their friends this ep.
Love the hive mind, NYPinTA!

They BOTH kicked ass!
Phil's gonna give up Lincoln.
No no no no Phil... don't do it!
This could get very very very very ugly.
Phil is a very bad man right now.
Well that just sucks.
OK. Phil needs to have his other hand cut off, now.

He has a rescue plan. It's SHIELD.
Crap. Betrayal, killing another friends and creepy thugs in a dark room trying to gang up on a woman. Marvel, a Family Picture.
Yeah, I was assuming he would double cross here. But, uh, any time now, Phil.
AOS is going dark, and not just by turning off the lights.
There's no rescue plan.
Phil, if you're trying to turn Daisy into her mother, or get her to bring Mr. Hyde back into play, you're definitely going about it the right way.
I really want these other agents to go the eff down. NOW.
He couldn't offer the better thing instead of Lincoln?
Did Coulson barter with Joey?
Sunfire, I couldn't agree with you more. Argh, Fitz.
Deja Vu. Feeling like The Initiative all over again for some reason.
Ward and Hunter have never met?
Loving Daisy and Mac as partners, do miss Bobbie in the field, guess she still need a few weeks to recuperate.
NYPinTA - I guess they haven't met? I'd have to see last season's finale to be sure.
Poor Simmons. Coulson is learning to work with others at least. Hunter wants to "meet" Ward to shoot him in the face instantly.
Oh is Ward the guy Hunter's trying to meet with?
I remember Hunter and Bobbi trailing Ward, but I think he only made Bobbi.... IIRC... but anything after that? I'm drawing a blank.
They didn't meet when Coulson temporarily allied with Ward?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-10-14 02:58 ]
There's Bobbi getting all Bobbied up.
Wait... was she on the island with the LOST passengers?
YAAAY! Ginger ninjas next week!
Huh. Nebula, I can't remember. Maybe they did meet but I seem to remember everyone bitching out Ward, which Hunter wouldn't have been able to do in the same hilariously pointed fashion.
Lost reference!

And hey, the Ginger Ninja from last year is back!

Yeah, Hunter & May want to kill Ward for what happened to Bobbi and think he may have been the one to run over May's father. Pretty sure Ward met after Hunter and Coulson picked up Fitz and agreed to team up with Ward last year.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-10-14 03:03 ]

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-10-14 03:03 ]
@Squishy - Yes, Hunter has said he wants to kill Ward for torturing Bobbi. And for generally being villainous.
Good epsidoe tonight.Didn't expect Coulson agreeing to work with the ATCU.
WAS that the ginger-ninja from last season's finale in the preview for next week ? Lokked like a different actor to me and her hair looked more UNnaturally red than the more orangey look of ginger-ninja.

I forget if the previews are considered spoilerish, so...I've decided that Lash looks cheeseball and ups the camp factor of this show considerably. He looked okay in shadow in the first ep, but...yeah, not loving him.

Sorry, I've been away so lomg that I've forgotten how to do spoiler tags in HTML.

The creep factor with Jemma has hung around sincd she came back. Was waiting for the weirdness and figured we wouldn't have to wait long -- there it is.

Glad that training montage didn't end with Bobbi leaping back into the field prematurely --want her confined to the lab and occasionally piloting the plane for at least the first half of the season.

Very obvious to see the beginnings of Civil War in all this, especially in this ep. Feels like Skye/Daisy will end up on the anti-registration side of things for sure, but that Couson will be pro...but there's so much time left before Cap #3, enough could happen to push Coulson firmly to the anti-reg. side.

[ edited by Kris on 2015-10-14 03:11 ]
It's gotta be Alicia, (Ginger Ninja) she's the only powered Inhuman left from last year's battle and Lincoln knocked her out. So maybe Coulson is giving her to Rosalind as an expendable test of trust.
I've not read the comics so I have no idea, but is there any kind of correlation between who a person is and what power manifests when exposed to the whatever that triggers an Inhuman's power?
What was the Lost reference?
NYP, the transformation is completely random, far as I understand it and from what little I've read of The Inhumans (just the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee series from early 2000s), and what I've seen of them in some of the cartoons.

I didn't pick up that Lincoln is possibly an alcoholic or formerly suicidal or depressed or something -- but yeah, of course he has a history before Jiaying found and recruited him (I forget the name of the eyeless teleporter already). I thought Arntz-from-lost (Lincoln's friend who had the heart attack) was either a former family friend, maybe work bud, or maybe a former client of Linc's (could see him being a hustler).

[ edited by Kris on 2015-10-14 03:17 ]
Squishy, it was when Simmons said she has to go back. ETA: It's kind of a famous moment when Jack says it to Kate that they have to go back to the island.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2015-10-14 03:15 ]
@nypinta the inhuman power are pretty random
Thanks Kris & okelay. I was just wondering why some people end up looking completely different while others stay human looking and if anyone ever expressed some kind of theory about that in the comics. And maybe pondering what my power might be if I was an Inhuman... ;)
Squishy, Lost reference:

Kris: The way he asked if Lincoln had been drinking and said he didn't have to talk Lincoln off a ledge "this time" makes it sound like he was an AA sponsor to Lincoln before.

[ edited by Dusk on 2015-10-14 03:25 ]
Oooohhh yeeeah!! Total Lost reference. Thanks, NYP.

I hope she does go back. I want to see more of that planet. I want to see more "other world" type places on this show. I want more genre stuff.
NYPinTA: There was an explanation in one of the last episodes Season 2 about how what shows up on the outside is a reflection of what's going on on the inside of an individual. I'm busy watching the Democratic debate right now, but I'll try to find it (unless someone else remembers what was said).
I totally forgot how great Lost was. Really really great show, the last two or three seasons notwithstanding.
@Nebula, No that was just Raina being jealous Skye looked normal but she was a thorn monster. Inhumans typically view the transformation is their true selves, but the actual changes are usually random.
Going back to that planet shouldn't be too much of a budget-buster... all you need is that matte painting and a constant sandstorm.

Alien planets are expensive, but sandstorms are cheap. :-)
The promo blurb for next week lists Alicia Vela-Bailey. She's the Ginger Ninja and also Adrianne's stubt double. In a odd
twist she is listed as a stunt double for Gal Gadot in Batman vs Superman.
Ginger Ninja was one of the highlights of last season.
So who wants to bet that Simmons left a love interest on the other planet and that is why she is desperate to get back?

The Fitz Simmons relationship is far too cute to live. It must be killed by an alien love triangle.
Or an alien parasite: "Jemma Simmons is the shell I'm in, her carcass is bound to me, I could not change that even if I wanted too...which I don't because Joss loves Fitz tears."
Or it's just there are other people there. Or something she saw that she thinks they need.
Excellent episode. I especially loved Hunter's acting. Nick Blood is awesome.

Maybe the portal has good intentions. Maybe it chooses its victims to save whatever planet needs saving.

I'm wondering if it chose Jenna for a reason.

I know, it hasn't rejected anyone either.
I must be petty for a moment: In the bar in Allston, a Boston Red Socks banner? Really? (It's "Red Sox".)
@mozzarellademon: copyright issues?
Whatever it is, it's something Jemma herself has to get back to that planet for. If it was someone in need of rescue, or some kind of galactic threat, I'd think she'd immediately go to the team for help rather than messing around secretively with those monolith fragments.

"Red Socks?" I didn't notice that. It might be that they can't use a genuine "Red Sox" banner without having to pay the team, but in that case it would be better to use a fictitious team or none at all.
Did Coulson barter with Joey?

Nebula1400, I was expecting that and honestly was disappointed it didn't happen. The conversation as it stands didn't make a lot of sense to me.
Rosalind: "Your methods didn't work for SHIELD, so I don't want you're advise. I want an Inhuman."
Coulson: "Don't worry everyone I didn't let Rosalind take Daisy. Instead she agreed to accept ... my advise."
I thought it would have made a lot more sense in context for Coulson to have given up Joey, which would have made Daisy even more angry and upped the ante emotionally for the entire team. But that's just my next-day armchair scripting.
I thought it would have made a lot more sense in context for Coulson to have given up Joey, which would have made Daisy even more angry and upped the ante emotionally for the entire team.

It would have smashed the team, actually, since after that Daisy would never agree to bring in more Inhumans with the promise of SHIELD's "protection." It would have put an end to the whole Secret Warriors storyline in its infancy. The same thing would have happened if Coulson had held firm on giving Lincoln to ATCU.

Even as it stands now, I think Daisy will be hesitant to promise safety and understanding to Inhumans, unless she gets assurances that Coulson won't promptly turn them over as bargaining chips to a group that wants to dissect them.
As far as we know Rosalind didn't dissect any living Inhumans, just dead ones dropped by Lash to find out what was killing them.

He does appear to be using the Ginger Ninja as a bargaining chip, but she's not a fan of Daisy either so it's hard to say if Daisy would object to that.
Ginger that the multiple they fought on the ship?

Anyone else think ATCU sounds like a sneeze? Just me, then?

And...what if Jemma left behind a baby? How long was she gone?
@ShadowQuest-Yep, Ginger Ninja is Multiple Girl from last year's ending.

Jemma was only gone six months so I doubt it plus I really don't want another Jasmine-esque baby plot.
Babies and kids are usually annoying on TV (unless you get an OUTSTANDING child actor). Was very happy when baby Connor disappeared on AtS and then reappeared a few episodes later as teen-Connor. The Strain has an annoying child character that a lotta viewers complain about as well who is, unfortunately, a major focus of the plot and probably too important to kill off.

No kids on AoS. Please ?
Lincoln - still not bothered about him. But the bar scene with the subtitles? Pure genius. I loved that.
It's also a nice jab/callback for the early complaints from "cannot understand a word Fitz and Simmons are saying" crowd. :D

Like, "look, they speak like actual Brits are subtitles!" :)

Hilarity ensued.
hey what happened to the board of SHIELD??! Isn't Coulson supposed to be discussing major decisions with them or something?
Boards cost extra. :)
Well. That's about the last thing I thought Jemma would say at the end of the episode. I can't wait to find out what her urgent need to return to that awful place is.
What was it that Mack overheard Daisy say, that she was grateful he didn't report to Coulson?
I believe it was something about her personal feelings for Lincoln. But I can't swear to that...
HA! Called it! ACTU and SHIELD as uneasy allies!

Can't wait to see if my other prediction pans out too and the Lash/Ginger Ninja connection ties into them both being Jiaying's lackeys.

Sounds to me like Simmons made some allies who helped her while she was being hunted in the Negative Zone(???) and feels bad that she escaped while they're still trapped, and she needs to save them too.
@Batman1016: What if all the people that went through the thing and never came back are actually still alive.
What if all the people that went through the thing and never came back are actually still alive.

I'm thinking that they are, or at least their descendants are. The show made a point (with that 1839 flashback) of showing us how people have been going through it for centuries. I'm not sure what they thought they were accomplishing by sending people through it, though, if none of them ever came back.
The specific significance of the Hebrew word "death" in relation to the portal hasn't been settled yet, has it?
I am comparing the first 3 episodes of season 1 with the first 3 episodes of season 3, and I am blown away from the improvements in storytelling and acting and everything.

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