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October 15 2015

A Felicia Day AMA on Reddit. Already includes some Whedonverse responses regarding Dr Horrible and Con Man.

At the time of posting, Felicia is still busy answering questions. There's also this nice response about how Felicia originally had a full Dr Horrible chapter in her memoir:

I planned in the book to have a whole chapter on Dr. Horrible because it was so important to my career and just me emotionally and as a person. It really was this amazing family, and it was such a revolution at the time, you really felt like you were belonging to something special in every sense.

I wrote a whole chapter and we ended up cutting it completely out because it wasn't really about me. It was about me being passively part of something a little bit more. But I did have some stories in there that were kind of pro-active. When I e-mailed Joss Whedon to do a blurb, it was a week before Ultron came out, and I was like, "Can you blurb my book? I know you're in Tokyo and you just made the biggest movie in the world, but... pleeease?"

He wrote back immediately and he was like, "I want to write a foreword instead" (and I was like, "Okay!"). The irony is that of the things that he wrote in that foreword, the two big incidents were things that I wrote about in my Dr. Horrible chapter, so I'm glad to know that they were as significant as I thought in my head (about the meeting at the agency and then informing in a very uppity manner that I had a very high GPA and a double major in college, and that I was an actress on the set of Buffy-and he actually mentions that tangentially). I made it a much more... long story that made me look like an ass, but you know, that's typical.

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