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October 15 2015

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. adds Powers Boothe. Powers Boothe joins the show in a recurring role. He previously played one of the members of the World Security Council in The Avengers.

He is going to play Gideon Malick, "a notorious man whose loyalties remain a mystery."

Soooo...he's playing a different character?
With many events, strongly suggesting that many things from this season will tie directly into Civil War, for now I'm just assuming that is more likely he's playing the same character, only he finally gets to have a name now.
I'm tired of this show hiring actors whose real names are better than their characters.
Seriously. They have a "cool name" rolodex.
Article I read indicated it would be the same character from The Avengers. Marvel seems to be pretty on top of continuity so I'm sure it's the same. Great news, and I think he stands a better chance of capturing our attention than some of the other actors with cool names running around--yes, Mr. Blood, we're looking at you even while we root for you.
TVLine says he'll so cold and menacing even Ward would fear him.

And yeah, who are they going to cast next? Hiro Fields?
Powers Boothe was fabulous in Deadwood. If "cold and menacing" are called for, he can definitely bring it.
And yeah, who are they going to cast next? Hiro Fields?

I guess it's too late for Lorne Greene or Slim Pickens. Honeysuckle Weeks is available, though.
There is a professional bull rider named Howdy Cloud. I wish he would take up acting just so he could be added to the Rolodex of Awesome Names.

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