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October 16 2015

Syfy cancels 'Defiance'. Bad news for Julie Benz fans.

Not been the best week for Syfy shows starting Buffyverse actors.
At least Defiance got a somewhat satisfying last episode, Dominion, not so much.
Numfar, do the dance of sorrow ... Also, I agree with you about both Defiance and Dominion. Defiance wrapped itself up pretty well, and was a good ride while it lasted. Dominion's second season was a great step up from the first, and I would have liked to have seen a third. Ah well ...
For Added weirdness of Buffyverse ties, Eric Balfour's show Haven currently airing 2nd half of its 5th season, has also been announced as its last sometime ago.
For added Syfy stuff: Continuum ends in the States tonight (Last week in Canada) and Lost Girl is going to start it's final run soon.

This makes Bitten the oldest program they have and it's only making it's 3rd season right now.
I'm very excited for Childhood's End and Expanse that start in December. Magicians looks fun too.

Defiance was an extremely (think GOT) expensive gamble that would have worked if viewership of the show grew instead of declining every year. My stepdad's favorite show. He will miss Stahma the most. :)
Oh no! Well, this does make writing my undergrad thesis on science fiction Westerns a little tidier (ongoing material for a paper makes me skittish) but this is quite sad for the science fiction television series docket.
Yeah... they lost me as a viewer after about season 1, episode 5 (too much politically correct preaching for my liking.)

Still sorry for the cast though (I like it when people who I like have work.)

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