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October 16 2015

The 25 best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. This time according to Den of Geek US.

Very interesting list. I was happy to see "Lovers Walk" included, definitely one of my favorites, and underrated. Same for "New Moon Rising". I also totally support "Becoming" being number 1. The author makes a very good point when he says he chose an episode that truly encapsulates what the show was about, more than "Hush" or "OMWF", as amazing as those episodes are.
Call me crazy but I get the feeling the person who compiled the list absolutely adores Season 3 and despises Season 6.

Just a hunch, though.

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As someone who also adores Season 3 and despises Season 6 that makes perfect sense to me and may be why I agree with most of this list. Like Nico-Angel, I too was glad to see Lover's Walk show up and have always felt it was underrated. Maybe it's not as underrated as we thought.
I thought everyone loves Lover's Walk?

Funny thing: it's about to come up in my Buffy rewatch :)
I think Season 3 is possibly the best season of Buffy, but the person who wrote this article really seemed to enjoy season 2 as well. Honestly, I really enjoy this whole list especially since Becoming Parts 1 & 2 are pretty much episodes that define what Buffy is.
The fact is that "the top 25" isn't really enough. "The top 50" would probably get the job done... and that tells you a heck of a lot about a show that had 144 episodes! I mean, for all this list's love of the early seasons, where's "Lie to Me"? I personally rank that one as the first truly great episode of BtVS, although Gellar's acting in "Prophecy Girl" is epic. Where's "What's My Line"? Or "Ted"? Where's "I Only Have Eyes For You"? Counting the Honorable Mentions, I've already made this a Top 32 List just by fleshing out one season alone.

But I have to say, this list was really, really well thought-out. I don't agree with it all, but no one ever would, with a show this long and this rich, and clearly the author has put some really hard work into it all. (Also, I tested myself to see if I could figure out which ep. was coming up from the picture alone. I got most of them, yay I'm so proud of myself.) ETA: Also, the author has an excellent point about "Becoming" being the epitome. It's Essence of Buffy.

And gosh, I'm suddenly missing the early seasons. Been ages since I watched those.

Anyway. This was a real good effort in a difficult task. My hat's off to the author, or it would be if I were wearing a hat.

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I think what sets this list apart from others for me is the thoughtful, well-written justifications for the author's choices. I mean this guy really put in some time and thought in on this one. His explanations are so sincere and well-stated, that I don't feel the usual urge to dispute all his choices. Well done, sir.
Ugh I was out right away because I think Chosen is actually one of the best series finales in TV history and I'd put it top 3 or top 5.

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