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October 16 2015

Fill in this survey about the reuse of actors in the Whedonverse. Help fellow Whedonesque poster whedongeek with her research.

This was fun, a chance to recall some great performances.
Thanks, Simon! Woke up this morning to 300 more responses! It'll be hellish to go through and yet incredibly fun! Feeling some slaying come on!
I could go on and on.
Can I ask a bit about your project? What are you researching specifically, or looking to find out? Is this part of a larger project? BA/MA/PhD? I'm just curious as a graduate student myself!

And that was what....? Oh, got it!
That was fun! Good luck with your research.
I've written an essay on Whedon's hat tricks which I plan to publish; I realized it would be useful, though, to have data to support the claims I am making about how fans read those hat tricks. I have enjoyed reading these -- it's one thing to hear about this tremendous faith in Whedon and the Whedon family: it's another to hear about it in people's own words. It'll probably appear in Slayage, the academic journal focused on the works of Whedon (, but, if allowed, I'll link it here since people asked. Good luck in your studies, insistondoubt -- I'm a prof at CSUS.
The survey now is closed. Thank you, everyone! 640 responses!
That's really good.

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