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October 19 2015

Which season of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is your soul? Just in case you've ever wondered.

I got season seven, which isn't my least favorite season, but seasons 2 and 3 always resonated with me more.
They clearly left out some of the answers. For example: "Sarcastic," "Sherlock Holmes," "Irene Adler," "The Body," "Rupert Giles," and "Superman: The Animated Series."
Elf: same here. Got seven, was expecting two. :)
I got S3, I thought 5 was my fav, but hey I'll take The Mayor any day.
Season Six. Trouble picking from WB shows I actually watched or didn't give up on - answers would have been Smallville, Angel or iZombie.
Six is my fave and apparently my soul resonates with it. :D
I got Season 4 and now I'm wondering what's wrong with me ;-) Still, at least we'll always have Hush.
Season Six, to absolutely no one's surprise.
Season Two - Correctamundo.
Should all of us who got Season Six be worried?
Season 2, naturally. #bangel
You got: Season Three

You’ve been through a lot, and you’re a little ragged around the edges because of it. But with your darkness comes a brilliance and a wit that makes you stand out — your angst in watching yourself grow up makes a pretty captivating story. You’re also probably filled to the brim with homoerotic subtext.

Uh...ya had me right up until that last sentence. Yeesh.
I got Season 3, which is my favorite. (Though Season 5 is a very close second.) Good job, quiz!

The description of Season 3 ends with this: "You're probably filled to the brim with homoerotic subtext." I'm bi, so yes to the homoeroticism! Only let's make that subtext become text, please. (Also, in my headcanon, Faith is very very bi, and is totally in love with Buffy in Season 3. :-)
I'm a season 6 ! As expected.
Should all of us who got Season Six be worried?

I was hoping to get that one, but I also really like 5.
I got season 6.
I took the quiz twice. I answered all the questions the same way, except the first time I picked Anya, and the second time I picked Faith. Anya got me season 7, and Faith got me season 3. I thought that was a little strange.
Season 1? Wot?
Season 6. And let's take a moment to appreciate the quiz being all on one page!
Your favorite season and the one that resonates with you the most don't necessarily have to be the same one
I got S6 too - and why should I worry? (Also, it seems like a lot of us got S6.)

6 is when I started watching, so perhaps that makes sense, but where was Giles? Still, it all being on one page is a good point.

I'm in the Season Six Club too and I think I'd worry more if I didn't get Season Six! :D
Just like you Jocelyn, S6 is when I started watching on a regular basis (my band always rehearsed on Tuesday nights back then), but I immediately got every DVD available and binge watched. Over and over.
I love every Season for different reasons but overall, S6 is my heart and apparently my soul <3
ooops, double post

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I was only worrying about Season Six because it's Buffy's darkest moment and apparently that resonates with me. But I'm not surprised. It was my first season too. I'm still amazed that ten-year-old-me was drawn to Season Six, but I was!
Well, I already knew it was Season 2 before I took the quiz, but nice to have it confirmed. Finding my way and my inner strength has been my biggest issue in life.
Ten! *chokes* I'm such an old fuddy duddy I'd never let a ten year old watch BtVS, especially S6!! I watched the show chronologically and on my third rewatch now have come to appreciate more of the characters (particularly Xander) and seasons (esp. S4) that I had 'got less' the previous two times. I just love the show more and more, but nothing beats S6 for me, the character work in it is phenomenal. :D
Season 6. My life isn't in order, to put it mildly, so this totally makes sense to me :)
Season Six may be polarising, but there are lots of people who need it, I think.

Stoney, I was watching the BBC's pre-watershed version so there were cuts and I'm sure a lot of it went over my head. But I could tell that Buffy was the best show I'd ever seen.
A smart ten year old then for sure. :D
I got Season Two

You’ve had a long journey to finding yourself, and you’ve still got a long journey ahead of you — but you’re finally starting to solidify. You’ve found your inner strength and glimpsed the true purpose behind what you do. Keep going, keep growing, keep pushing your boundaries — and listen to your friends.

Yes :) my soul is in season two (and season 3)
Haha, first time around I got Season 5, second time Season 6. Which are my two favorite seasons!

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