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October 19 2015

Family ties make Runaways the gold standard for teen superhero teams. Joss' run on Brian K. Vaughan's series Runaways is discussed in this essay.

It's too bad the Runaways has become pretty much just another Marvel team-up.
I've only read up to Joss' run on the series, but I love it. However, out all that I read I actually liked Joss' run the least. Still better than 99% of comics out there but I thought the first few volumes were better.
After reading the trade I felt it was the best thing that Joss has ever done.
I never cared for his run much either. It was weird how off it felt considering bkv was clearly influenced by whedon. I think immomen was the only other writer to really nail the hostel crew, shame her stint got cut short. Maybe we'll see a return of run aways in more than name once marvel makes a movie or show out of the property.
I tried reading beyond Joss's run, but lost interest. I though Joss's run was decent, though BKV's stories were better (IMO).

It seems to me that BKV is much better at writing for comics/graphic novels than for television, while Joss's medium is TV/film, and less so comics.

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