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October 19 2015

The most popular Halloween costume in every State, via Google. This list of the top Google searched costumes for each state yields a varied and diverse group of options.

Pleasantly surprised by the top searched costume for Utah!

Wow, that's the least relevant link I've ever seen in all my years here.
Dr Horrible as a popular costume seems more than appropriate for this place.
Possibly, but the picture was just a generic "mad scientist" costume, as captioned.
I'm glad it was posted here - I wouldn't have seen the list otherwise and it was a very interesting article. And although the pic HuffPo chose to use was of a generic mad scientist, the article itself was about the most popular search terms for Halloween costumes as tracked by Google, and in Utah that search term was "Doctor Horrible", which is pretty cool!
I apologize if the link was inappropriate in some way. I just was so excited that Dr. Horrible would win a whole state for most searched costume! Should I remove link somehow?
I also enjoyed it, and it seems to me that there was something else relevant to us, just can't remember it at the moment. I scrolled through it a while ago.

Who knew Dr. Horrible was so popular in UT?
I also enjoyed it. Who knew Dr. Horrible was so popular in UT?
Sexy Donald Duck is just weird. Not sexy.
Someone tweeted us to say that Salt Lake Comic Con was held at the end of September so that might be the reason why.
Oh come on, Peter Criss?
Even Peter Criss doesn't want to be Peter Criss on Halloween.
I doubt most searched equals most popular. I don't think a lot of people need to go to google to find out where they can get a hobo, ghost or zombie costume, and I doubt Dr. Horrible outnumbers any of those anywhere. I'm surprised Vampire is even on here. The most popular costumes will always be the ones you don't need to google, and people will be googling mostly specialized things, like Darth Revan and two characters from Descendants.

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