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"His penis got diseases From a Chumash tribe."
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October 20 2015

Ten things you might not know about 'The Cabin in the Woods'. An enjoyable ScreenCrush feature about Joss and Drew's movie.

Sorry to be cranky, but:

a) What an obnoxious site. It was all about non-stop, screen-grabbing, battery-sucking advertisements that I couldn't get rid of. I usually read Whedonesque stuff on my phone, so I can't block the ads. (I find The Mary Sue has issues too, but nothing like this!) Did anyone else have this problem?

b) I have AdBloc on my computer, so I looked at it here, just out of curiosity, and only saw two things about Cabin, both of which I already knew.
Be cranky no more :). I viewed it on my desktop PC but I've changed the link to YouTube so there shouldn't be an issue there with ads.
All are things I knew ... except the Latin translation and the not-game.
Hmm, has that Kevin >Sin City connection been confirmed or hinted at by anyone in the production? I pretty firmly take that as a silly joke (in the vein of "What on earth could be scary about something named Kevin?"), but maybe I'm wrong.
Yeah, Kevin being a Sin City reference sounds like a wild guess to me (which is the only context in which I've heard it before - viewer speculation). Could just as well be Kevin McCallister if we're just naming random scary Kevins. Most likely, it's just a name.

The one surprising thing here was the Left4Dead thing. I don't believe I had heard that before.
Nothing new to see here, move along.
I have heard the "Kevin from Sin City" rumor for many years, bouncing around the echo chamber. I don't think it has ever been confirmed.
When I first saw the screen cap of "Kevin" on The Big Board, my first thought was Kevin from The Office.
I thought Kevin was from the novel We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, which was a very disturbing read but compelling all the same.
In the last week I've watched several of these "things you didn't know" series. The quality varies greatly. I liked the ones from Cinefix, but that's it.
Surely Kevin is just a reference to Jason and Freddy and their ilk? Except y'know, Kevin!
bivith, that's what I figured. Michael Myers, Carrie and so forth. Anything where it's just a regular name before being associated with horror.
That my girlfriend may be eaten by a mermaid...I'll call that serious.

Dang it, first vampires, now mermaids! Wait, is there a legal limit to the catch? I'm sure I can snag one or three!!
Thanks for changing the link, Simon. Now I can stop being cranky!

Meanwhile, here's something I saw on FB, to cheer us up: "As a mortician, I always tie together the shoelaces of the dead. Cause if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, it will be hilarious."

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