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October 16 2002

(SPOILER) Headlining act announced for the Bronze A critically acclaimed singer will guest star in the show in November.

Oh Dear God. There for a minute I thought Eminem was going to headline the Bronze, and then I really *would* have had to hunt down Joss like those black-robed guys. *whew*
*snort* They did say critically acclaimed---unless the episode revolves around how Eminem thinks that Spike is the pooh (the hair, the hair), I can't quite see him in Sunnydale, unless HE is the evil old as time---- ;)
I'd rather see Eminem in there than the bands they usually put on. Aimee Mann? Yawn. I don't understand why a TV show that tries to push bounderies is so pedestrian in its choice of music.
awww, I like Aimee. Besides, most BtVS episodes have bands that are 'gurl-centric'. At least we have yet to see Britney Spears--- = ^0
I'd hardly call Aimee Mann pedestrian. Or the Breeders.
Well, I use pedestrian because I don't want to say "American", what with all the North American readers of this site.

I'm being snarky. The music in BtVS is not and has never been my cup of tea, although I've come to like Sarah McLachlan a bit. I will have to admit the music actually fits the stories and that's good.
I would love to see Portishead do a song on the show.
Heh, I'll second that. Or Tricky. Or Kid Loco.

Buffy's lost all of its gothicness, hasn't it? It's even lit too brightly for it.

The music on Angel's always been fab, though more so in the early seasons.

But to come back to the story... the episode Mann will be in is called "Sleeper". Anyone care to speculate on the (multiple) meanings of this title? Who's asleep? Who will be awakened? More importantly... is Xander a secret agent?

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