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April 05 2004

TV Shows on DVD voting jumps Wonderfalls from 694 to 127, in the unreleased ranking of shows and from 793 to 183 in the overall rankings. All within 24 hours. (Login to view voting stats - free to reg and vote.)

Also if you check out the overall the Whendonverse rules with 6 out of the top ten TV on DVD shows that people own and want to own. Also Whedonverse holds the top 3 spots in each catagory.

Darn tootin'! I want my Wonderfalls DVD you corporate nitwits!!
Something I noticed is that, even after a show is released on DVD, your votes to have it put out are still counted in the rankings. So, if you go to User Options, then View TV Show Selections, you can un-check all the stuff that's successfully made it out (that you may or may not already own). Combined with voting for Wonderfalls (season sets, only vote season sets!), this should help it climb up in the rankings pretty quickly. Just make sure you don't un-check something that's a bit iffy (ie, it may've had its first season released, but the chances of its later seasons seeing the light of day aren't great) that you still wanna own completely.
The unreleased ranking is independent of the overall ranking. What's more, the ranking compared to other shows doesn't especially matter in the grand scheme of things. I don't know how this link really constitutes news.
Well the fact that it jumped so much in rankings, in less than 24 hours, means a lot of people of signed on to vote and hopefully it will get the guys on the site who report spikes and such to the studios to take it up and and take note and get the word out to TCFHE. Seeing the offical announcement was made today, perhaps this surge happening before the offical announcment to the public was released will help get the ball rolling on the release of the full season DVD.
Perhaps it will.
I remember reading when Firefly was cancelled there was another spike on the site and within the week the guys at the site had reported the increase to TCFHE - and I think that helped Firefly getting to DVD.

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