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October 21 2015

(SPOILER) Ming-Na Wen talks about major developments from last night's episode of 'Agents of SHIELD'. Events from the episode are discussed openly, so beware spoilers if you are not up-to-date with the show.

Well, it's official, I like this show. Whether it gathers the depth of BtVS remains to be seen. I'm hopeful.
I think it can go there, especially becuase the writing and acting has vastly improved from S1. I believe Jed and Maurissa have the capability and desire to go that far.

However, I worry that Marvel will sniff out any super cool deep powerful Whedony arc and grab it for a movie. They have a lot of movies to deal with and they need a lot of story.

Yes, most of the movies are mapped out but I do wonder if something profound comes up for Shield, if Marvel will take it for a rich "B" story.
hann, I think the movie and TV divisions are too separated for that. Someone asked Kevin Feige if the Hydra seen in "Ant-Man" was connected to the Hydra seen in SHIELD. His response was something along the lines of, "What? Uh, I don't know, whatever."

That's not an exact quote.
Yeah, my impression is that the Shield team gets a few rules ... you must mention x, character y is off limits because movies .... and other than that, they're left to their own devices. I don't think anyone's really checking in on the details of week-to-week plotting.

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