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October 22 2015

The Cabin in the Woods comes to Fright Nights at Thorpe Park in the UK. Amongst other movie themed scare attractions, Thorpe Park in the UK has a The Cabin in the Woods horror maze as part of its Halloween Fright Nights.

Same as the one at the Universal park or different?
I went to a Fright Night at Thorpe Park three years ago. Zombie walk and all. My friends had us leave soon after sundown the chickens. We missed the maze. :(
There's a Cabin in the Woods maze at Universal? Hollywood, Florida or both?
Gosh, I adore both these movies. Never realized cons and parks were being dedicated towards which. Really must stay in the loop!
@Shapenew Neither. They did a Cabin in the Woods house for the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando two years ago, not this year. Simon question is about if the UK one is similar from the one they used at Universal 2 years ago.

As usual there are some valuable info in our archives:

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