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October 25 2015

"Supergirl" premieres tonight starring Mehcad Brooks. Brooks guest starred in the "Dollhouse" episode "Echoes" as Sam Jennings.

Nice to see him cast in a show following a strong, blonde, female superhero... Sound familiar?

It premieres in the UK on Thursday. 8.00 p.m. on Sky 1 which is the same Channel Buffy was on first.
With all due respect, I fail to see how this guy is supposed to be Jimmy Olsen. Screw skin colour and look at his physique, he's an absolute stud, an alpha! That's not how you'd describe Olsen - even taking into account that "everybody looks good in Hollywood".
I wouldn't have cast Benoist in the title role, either. But since I like her from "Glee", being glad to see her again (in case I decide to watch it) trumps over the head-scratching.
It's the CW. Everybody is pretty there.

ETA: I stand corrected!

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It's airing on CBS, not The CW.
Supergirl is from the same producers and studio as Flash and Arrow and uses the exact same casting agency. And I'm thrilled that Mehcad Brooks is playing Olsen. The whole cast is genius. can't wait!
Is it gonna be the same universe as flash and arrow? how will they deal with the existence (or not) of superman?
It is all in the same universe and I think Supergirl will pretty firmly establish the existence of Superman. They hint at it in the trailer. Don't think I'm giving anything away.

Crossovers with the CW shows have been mentioned as a possibility. Probably not likely with the frequency of Flarrow but not out of the question.

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Thanks. I really like the Flash. Arrow was pretty good for a couple seasons, but it started to feel very soapy. Flash is a bit soapy but they did have a strong, well-thought-out genre-based plot.

As for super girl, it's an interesting approach to start with her before superman has been firmly established. I wonder if it's a creative choice or if it's merely being done because of licensing issue with superman.

If it's as good as the flash, I'll be super happy. DC seems to do tv better than they do movies.
I didn't even know it's going to take place in the 'Arrowverse'. While I'm not exactly fond of "The Flash", "Arrow" has its moments (in particular thanks to John Barrowman).
Superman is sticking with the movies. Supergirl is a TV property (for now). It was nothing to do with licensing. Warner Brothers makes the show and owns the IP to both Supergirl and Superman. Superman is not going to be a recurring character in Supergirl. They just reference him.
From what I can tell, Supergirl is (as of now) its own thing. It's on a different network than Flash and Arrow, and that makes it more difficult to connect them. It's developed by the same guy who developed the other two shows, but from what people have said at the networks, as of now, they won't be connecting the shows. It doesn't sound like they're ruling out the idea though eventually. I also wonder how including Superman will affect the chances of crossing over at some point. I hope they do!
Rather interesting that they never actually called him Superman during the entire show - just "him" or other vague references. I assumed it was due to some strange licensing issue.

It was all right for a pilot. Except I was in the kitchen during a commercial break, and missed maybe two minutes...which turned out to be rather critical (big reveal, sudden costume). It could be a fun way to pass time waiting for Castle.
Big smiles over this Jimmy Olsen characterization. The Silver-age extreme dweeb, always conspicuously poorly dressed, always-needing-to-be-rescued Jimmy Olsen that I grew up with would've turned this show into a sitcom. Callista Flockhart's character gives us enough of that already.

Also, big smiles over the show breaking the Joseph Campbell stranglehold, and having a hero who would really like to be a hero, instead of dragging us through the obligatory Campbellian phase of hiding from her/his "destiny" and then being forced to accept her/his "true nature" under duress.

Joss put Buffy through that--or what looks like that at first. But soon enough he gave her (and also Faith) a back story with a solid explanation for that reticence, rather than mechanically spinning out the supposed archetype.

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"With all due respect, I fail to see how this guy is supposed to be Jimmy Olsen."

Yeah, here's the thing. Jimmy Olsen has always been lame. What makes him Superman's Pal? The fact that he had a comic named, "Jimmy Olsen: Superman's Pal" and nothing else. Did he and Superman go to ball games together? Did they hang out?

No. Jimmy Olsen has never been Superman's pal. He's Clark Kent's work friend.

So when I saw the first trailer with Mehcad Brooks, my reaction was, "Yeah, he and Superman would hang out."

Seriously, I could see this guy and Superman standing next to each other, eating hotdogs and talking about their day. I buy him as James Olsen, Superman's friend more than I ever bought Jimmy in the comics, and I haven't even seen the show yet.

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